Calcagni Real Estate Agent Named President Of MSAR


Stanley Martone of Calcagni Real Estate Has Been Appointed the 2024 President of Mid-State Association of REALTORS

November 1, 2023–Wallingford, CT–Owner and CEO of Calcagni Real Estate, Luke Williams has announced Stanley Martone, a REALTOR in the company’s Southington office, has been named President, Mid-State Association of REALTORS (MSAR) for 2024. He will commence his new role in January.

“We are proud to announce that Stanley Martone has been named President, Mid-State Association of REALTORS,” Williams says. “Since Stanley joined Calcagni Real Estate in 2017 as a full time REALTOR, he has led by example, prioritizing the needs of his clients, repeatedly seeking opportunities to become an expert in the real estate field, and working as a team player within our company. Stanley is tireless in his pursuit of excellence, and has been a top performer at Calcagni for years. Drawing on his experience on the MSAR Board of Directors for the past three years, I know Stanley will rise to meet–and exceed–expectations in his new role as President.”

Martone first received his real estate license in Connecticut in 2015, and became a full-time REALTOR in 2017 when he joined Calcagni Real Estate. There, he has repeatedly been one of the top performing agents in the company. “Calcagni has been an invaluable part of my success as a REALTOR,” Martone notes. “The education and training we receive as Calcagni agents is unparalleled. The support system that exists at Calcagni has meant that I have experienced advisors to turn to, and the education I’ve received means that I am best equipped to serve homebuyers and sellers throughout Connecticut by providing sound advice and submitting complete offers. To be named President of MSAR as a Calcagni agent is an honor, and I am grateful to be joining the ranks of some of my peers who have held leadership roles before me.”

Such leadership roles include those held by Calcagni Real Estate agents at the New Haven Middlesex Association of REALTORS (NHMR): Lorrie Mariano (President, 2023); Doug Blackwood (Vice President, 2023); and Joel Grossman (President, 2018). As the incoming President of the Mid-State Association of REALTORS, Martone will be the youngest named to the role.

For Martone, bringing a fresh vision to the role is something he’s passionate about. “In my role as President, I’m most looking forward to elevating the level of education and training that REALTORS receive,” Martone shares. “Real estate is an ever-evolving business, but understanding how to best mine for inventory in a challenging market, how to utilize social media tools to showcase the value of the local board, and instilling a passion for continuing education can make all the difference in being a successful REALTOR. I’m a firm believer that if I’m not learning, I’m not growing; I look forward to growing in my role as President and bringing the team-player mentality I’ve learned from Calcagni to the Mid-State Association of REALTORS.”


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