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How Do I Get Rid of Bugs in My Garden?

  You Ask, We Answer: How Do I Get Rid of Bugs in My Garden? For many of us living in here in Connecticut, time spent in the garden is a labor of love we enjoy for a few precious months out of the year. But bugs and pests can not only take the joy out of our efforts, they can harm the very plants and vegetables we’ve been so diligently caring for. While it’s easy to reach for harsh...

Protecting Against Pests

5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Pests this Winter By Ben Bowen , Fox Pest Control You’d think the pests are gone in the winter, but they still come around. Because of the cold temperatures and the lack of food, your home in Connecticut is like an oasis. Maybe you’ve had it with the centipedes that keep coming in the basement all winter, or you’re tired of the spiders in all your holiday...

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