What’s the Best Way to Move at the Beginning of the School Year?

You Ask, We Answer: What’s the Best Way to Move at the Beginning of the School Year?

Moving at any point during the year can be a challenge, but moving at the beginning of the school year can be disruptive to the entire family. While many parents try to put off uprooting their children in the middle of the school year, sometimes, it just can’t be helped. But with some careful planning and consideration, a less disruptive move is possible. Here are some of our favorite ways to move out of your current Connecticut home at the beginning of the school year.

Involve your child in the moving process

It may seem less disruptive to keep the move from your child for as long as possible, but it actually may be more helpful to involve them in the process sooner rather than later. This can help them feel as though they’re part of the move instead of being the “victim” of a move that’s not their choice.

Talking to your child about their new home, neighborhood, town, or state is a great place to start. Focus on the positives, like upcoming festivals, fun extracurricular activities, sports or art activities available to them, and especially about their new school. Knowing that you’re looking forward to new experiences with them can help ease the sadness they feel about what they’re leaving behind, and even give them a sense of excitement about what lies ahead in their new home.

In addition, inviting your child to get involved in the packing process can help foster a sense of agency. Have your child fill a box with their favorite stuffed animals so that can be one of the first boxes you unpack. Give them some stickers to help decorate their moving boxes so they know which boxes to look for in your new home, and then make a game of having them find their “treasures” once you’re moved in. Pack a backpack or duffel bag with essentials to help ease the first few nights in your new home: PJs and a toothbrush, favorite books, stuffed animals or blankets, snacks, and a flashlight. Keep this with you (not in the moving truck!) to make it easy to find and offer a source of comfort to your little one.

Talk to their teachers

Teachers can be a wonderful source of comfort and knowledge during a school-year move. And, because they’re with your child for the majority of the day, giving them a heads up that you’re preparing to move allows them to be on the lookout for behavioral changes that may arise if your child is feeling sad, anxious, or stressed.

But your child’s current teachers can also be a wonderful partner in helping you frame your move as a cause for celebration. They can help you coordinate “goodbye cupcakes” or maybe even an art lesson about saying goodbye to friends; there may even be an opportunity for your child to write pen pal letters to their friends who will be left behind.

And it’s not just your current teacher that can be a wonderful resource in your move; introducing yourself to your child’s new teacher and talking through what your child needs during this transitional time can be hugely helpful in getting them settled in their new school.

Start packing early to minimize stress

Of course, when it comes to moving, packing can be one of the most stressful parts for adults and kids alike. Getting an early start to packing up your Connecticut home can help minimize the stress and anxiety around your move.

Make a list of all that needs to be done for your move, and when it needs to be done by. This will help you manage your time and give you a sense of accomplishment along the way–and hopefully cut down on those feelings of overwhelm! Make note of when to order moving boxes or reusable moving crates, when to sift through closets and when to drop off, sell, or recycle items you’re no longer in need of. Write down the dates for turning off your utilities (keep them on for moving day!), and when to turn them on in your new home. If saying goodbye to friends and neighbors will help give you a sense of closure, pencil in a date for a low-key picnic or get together that will get all the people you love together at once. The earlier you begin packing up, the better. Moving day will be here before you know it!

While moving during the beginning of the school year can certainly present unique challenges, using some creative thinking can help minimize the stress for everyone in your family–especially young children. Need more great ideas for moving once school is back in session? Your Calcagni Real Estate agent is a great source of information! Don’t be afraid to reach out for their recommendations and resources that can help you ease this transition.


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