How Can I Get My Home Ready for Back-to-School?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Get My Home Ready for Back-to-School?

Summer is nature’s way of giving us permission to skimp on daily chores. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Between vacations and beach days, summer camp and happy hour outdoors, it’s easier–and more fun!–to let the everyday tasks of homeownership take a back seat. But if you’re like us here at Calcagni Real Estate, come September, you want to shift into “back-to-school” mode–and that means feeling ready to embrace routine and order again. Here’s how you can get your Connecticut home ready for back-to-school, whether you have school-age children or not. With these simple tips, your fall season will be well organized in no time.

Consider your closets

Back-to-school doesn’t just signal a change in routines; it also coincides with the fall season–and in September, that can mean temperature swings that have us reaching for summer clothes one morning, and all-out autumnal outfits another.

Get ready for the months ahead by trying on cool weather clothes to make sure they still fit. Pay careful attention to any fallen hems or tears that can be easily remedied, and take care of them as soon as possible. Sort through summer clothes that no longer fit, are stained, or have seen better days. Then, put worn out or items that no longer fit in recycle and donation piles to move them out of your closets.

Once you have organized and decluttered clothing you will no longer wear, move the items of clothing that are school- and work appropriate to where they are most visible to make getting ready in the morning easy, and make sure layerable clothing is close by–you never know when you’ll need to add (or remove) a layer of clothing when the weather calls for it.

Swap out filters and batteries

It’s been a hot, humid, and wildfire smoke-riddled summer, and chances are, you’ve been running your air conditioning and air purifiers to help make your Connecticut home more comfortable. Fall is the perfect time to swap out HVAC filters to ensure your system will work to full capacity once you head indoors for the winter–and clean air filters can also help your HVAC run more efficiently, saving you money on your home heating bills. Air purifiers, too, need their filters changed, especially if you’ve had your windows open during pollen season or if you have family pets.

And don’t forget to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! While a good rule is to change them out when we set the clocks forward or back during daylight saving, double checking that they’re working as we get back to our routines is always a good idea.

Clean out your dryer’s lint trap

Getting back in “back to school” mode means tackling things you haven’t thought of all summer–and we bet you haven’t thought to vacuum out your dryer’s lint trap in the past several months! While it’s a good idea to empty the lint trap before every load of laundry, busy schedules often mean we forget to do so. In addition, pulling the lint trap out of its resting place and vacuuming out the area where it sits is an excellent idea as you’re getting back into your routine. Pet hair, dust, and lint can often find its way into that resting place, and taking time to remove it can keep your dryer running as it should while keeping you safe, as well.

Tackle your pantry

Last but not least, take time to tackle your pantry in September. Check expiration dates, toss open bags of snacks that have long since gone stale in the summer heat, and make a list of items that need to be replenished the next time you go grocery shopping.

Be sure to check cooking oils, as they can go rancid after a time, especially if they’ve been in a warm pantry all summer. Rancid cooking oils can make you sick, so be sure to open them up and sniff them; if they smell “off” in some way, especially if they’re bitter smelling or even metallic, it’s time to bid them farewell.

Once your pantry has been cleaned out of expired food, organize it by what you’ll need most during the week. Snacks? Ingredients for a weeknight dinner? Breakfast staples? Whatever you reach for often, make sure these ingredients are easy to see and reach. This will save you time and energy during the most hectic mornings (and evenings!).


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