What’s the Best Way to Move in the Summer Heat?

You Ask, We Answer: What’s the Best Way to Move in the Summer Heat?

With a summer heat wave making its way across much of the country, our thoughts are turning to moving in the hot weather. While summer is a very popular time for people to move, especially for those with families, moving in the heat can present unique challenges that should be taken seriously to ensure you, your movers, and your possessions arrive safe and sound to your new home. Here are some of the best ways to move in the summer heat.

Don’t cancel your utilities

In all the madness leading up to moving day, it may be tempting to turn off your utilities the day you move to make sure that’s one less thing on your to-do list. But having access to air conditioning or fans as boxes and furniture are being carted out can help provide much needed relief to you and your moving crew. In fact, if it’s possible to turn on the utilities in your new home prior to moving in, you can also have fans and air conditioning running there for when it’s time to unpack the moving truck. A win-win that’s sure to keep you much more comfortable when moving in the summer heat!

Schedule an early morning move

If you’re planning on moving during Connecticut’s warmest months, it’s best to schedule your movers to arrive first thing in the morning. The earlier in the day you can pack the moving truck, the better. Not only will you avoid the sun at its zenith, but chances are, you’ll have more energy to deal with any headaches that may arise–thought fingers crossed you’ll avoid those all together!

Consider taking some items via car

Moving trucks are indispensable when moving house, but in the summer heat, the only portion of the truck that’s air conditioned is the cab. That means that delicate electronics like computers, TVs, small devices, and stereos can get damaged in the stifling heat of the storage unit. But it’s not just electronics that are at risk on a hot summer day; medication and other personal care items like sunscreen, skincare, and makeup, candles, art supplies, and even batteries are all susceptible to damage from hot temperatures.

If you’re driving to your new home, consider packing these sensitive items in the car with you, where you have control over the air conditioning that can prevent them from incurring heat damage. If you’re driving the moving truck yourself, try to allow room in the cab for these items so they can receive the same benefits of temperature control. This can help prevent serious–and expensive! –damage to your valuables.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Any kind of physical activity in the heat calls for hydration, and moving is no exception. Be sure that you and your moving crew have access to plenty of water throughout the day. While it may be tempting to caffeinate or drink soda to boost your energy levels, stick to water as much as possible–it will go a long way in helping keep you hydrated and healthy over the course of a long day.

Moving in the heat of summer does present its own challenges, but with some careful planning, you can beat the heat and arrive safe and sound in your beautiful new home!


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