What is a final walkthrough?

You Ask, We Answer: What is a final walkthrough?


Your closing day is here. Congratulations! There’s just one more thing you need to do with your Calcagni Real Estate agent before signing on the dotted line: your final walkthrough.

A final walkthrough usually happens on or near the day of your closing, and provides an opportunity for homebuyers to walk through and inspect the property prior to purchasing. By going through the house room by room and taking time to carefully inspect the condition of the interior, exterior, and yard, buyers can ensure the house is in the same condition as it was when they last saw it. That means that damage has not occurred, appliances or other agreed upon “leave behinds” are in the home, and that any repairs that were requested have been completed by the seller.


Who should attend the final walkthrough?


As the homebuyer, you will want to attend the final walkthrough with your Calcagni agent. Going through the home with your Realtor is necessary because they’ll know what to look for, and they can advise you how to handle it if anything is amiss.


What should I look for during my final walkthrough?


It’s important to remember that after the final walkthrough and closing, it will be too late to address concerns or issues. Taking your time and closely examining the house with your Calcagni agent, and taking photos and notes if anything needs to be addressed at the closing, will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind once the house belongs to you.

Here are some things to look for during your final walkthrough:


-Repairs agreed upon after your home inspection


If after your home inspection, you and the seller had agreed they would repair certain things, now is the time to make sure every repair has been completed.


-Personal belongings that should be moved out


Clothes still drying in the dryer, cans of paint that you don’t want to use, yard and garden tools, leftover sports gear in the garage: When it comes to sellers leaving odds and ends behind, your Calcagni agent has surely seen it all.

Make sure you check in basements, attics, garages and sheds to be certain that nothing is left behind that you don’t want or hasn’t been agreed to, and your Calcagni agent will guide you on how to handle anything that has been forgotten by the seller.


-Double check windows and doors work


Open all the doors and windows, check the screens, lock and unlock each of them. Checking to make sure doors and windows work as they should will give you peace of mind, and keep you safe once you move in.


-Test all appliances


If the seller has agreed to leave any appliances behind, you’ll want to test them during your final walkthrough. Start running your appliances when you arrive so they can cycle through during your final walkthrough: Run the dishwasher, heat up the oven, check that all the burners on the stovetop work, run all faucets and flush all toilets, turn on the garbage disposal, and turn on heat and A/C to ensure it’s working properly.

Remember: This is your final chance to ensure you’re getting what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to take your time and really test things out.


-Test outlets


Grab your cell phone charger and try out every outlet in the house. If your phone registers that the outlet is charging, great! Move on to the next one. You want to make sure there are no hidden electrical issues that will crop up once you move in.


-Look for mold


In the corner of bathtubs, around the shower ceiling, around the drains and at the bases of the toilets—mold growing anywhere should be taken seriously. Be sure to open kitchen cabinets to check around the sink and dishwasher, and look at the bottoms of cabinet doors in these areas, as well.


-Check the exterior


Take a careful walk around the property and make sure everything looks as it should. Did you fall in love with the row of peony bushes along the back of the property, only to discover now that they’re all missing? Have your Calcagni agent make note. Check siding, shutters, deck, gates and latches, wood rot, and home irrigation systems (turn it on and off to make sure it’s working)—all as carefully as you would the interior of the house.


-Search for pests


Whether the seller has recently moved out or the house has been vacant for a while, checking for pests is always a good idea. Look for mouse droppings throughout the house, ants, and spongy floors or pinholes in wood, which can indicate termites.


Here’s what to do if you find issues during your final walkthrough


If you do find issues during your final walkthrough, don’t panic. Your Calcagni Real Estate agent will be able to guide you through the options for addressing them, from having the seller fix them prior to closing to addressing the cost of repairs via escrow.


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