What Are the Most Hearty Outdoor Plants for My Dry Connecticut Yard?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Most Hearty Outdoor Plants for My Dry Connecticut Yard?

While Connecticut weather is anything but predictable, chances are, we’ll hit a dry spell at some point this summer. But drought-like conditions don’t have to mean missing out on the beauty of colorful flowers and pretty groundcover in your yard. In fact, when you choose your outdoor plants with dry spells or sandy soil in mind, you can actually enjoy quite a lot of variety in your garden. Here are some of our favorite hearty outdoor plants for dry yards.

Outdoor plants for dry weather conditions

When many of us think about drought-tolerant plants, we imagine arid stretches of land punctuated by cacti or gardens full of succulents. But while we love the look of cacti and succulents, growing hearty outdoor plants in your Connecticut yard during a dry summer can actually be much more varied and colorful than just those types of plants. Here are some of our favorite plants to add varying colors, heights, textures, and shapes to your Connecticut yard for a place you’ll want to spend time in all summer.


In shades of purple, red, yellow, pink, peach, and more, yarrow is an easy-to-grow plant that adds beautiful color to your yard. This perennial flower spreads very easily, so you may want to plant it in a designated space or container so it doesn’t take over your garden (or your neighbor’s!). However, yarrow’s low maintenance care and its ability to attract pollinators make it a favorite in many a garden for a pretty pop of color and height–and it makes a great cutting flower, too.

Russian Sage

You may want to call it a plant made for Connecticut: Russian sage grows well in drought-like conditions, but it can also tolerate cold and poor soil–perfect for our unpredictable New England weather! With its long-blooming purplish-blue flowers and 2-5’ height, this hearty flowering plant will do well in your Connecticut yard as long as it gets bright sunlight. Plant along a garden path or a fence for a low-maintenance pop of color.


Like Russian sage, agastache can grow up to 5’ tall and sport purple flowers, but it also grows white flowers, as well. These hearty outdoor plants do well in dry conditions, growing lush green leaves out of which flower spikes arise. Bees love agastache, so while you’re enjoying their beautiful flowers, you can feel good knowing you’re attracting pollinating bees, as well.


A gorgeous flowering plant, salvia comes in a variety of colors including fuchsia, purple, and red. These annuals look stunning when grown in containers, but we love them for their ability to attract hummingbirds! They’ll add color to your Connecticut yard from summer to fall, and will do well even in dry weather conditions.


While taller plants like yarrow and Russian sage certainly catch the eye, groundcover plants like flowering portulaca add colorful depth and dimension to your dry yard. An annual plant, portulaca really shines when planted in dry, sunny spots that might otherwise be too harsh for different plants. While it will do very well as ground cover, it will also thrive in hanging baskets or containers, so long as it gets bright sunlight. Bees and butterflies will be drawn to these brightly colored flowers, as well, so you’ll be supporting the health of the environment while enjoying their blooms.

Even if we do have a dry summer, with a little early planning (and planting), you can still enjoy pollinator-friendly, colorful flowers in your Connecticut yard all summer–and well into fall!


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