What’s the Best Way to Pick a Front Door Color?

You Ask, We Answer: What’s the Best Way to Pick a Front Door Color?

That house you bought through Calcagni Real Estate? It’s still the place that’s undoubtedly “home,” but lately, you may have been pulling in the driveway and thinking your Connecticut home could use a little something…extra. Before you opt for an expensive undertaking, though, why not consider giving your front door a makeover? This inexpensive solution can really pull your home together and change things up in an unexpected way–and you may be surprised just how much of an impact it has on your home’s curb appeal. Here are our favorite ways to pick a front door color, and which paints to use for maximum impact.

Put it in neutral

If you’re drawn to the classics, you don’t have to depart from your aesthetic to bring new life to your front door. Timeless paint colors can still have a bold impact on your home, even if they are more understated than a brighter hue.

The beauty of classic paint colors is that they function as neutrals but are still more eye-catching than solid white or beige. If you’re drawn to a timeless look for your home, consider neutrals that are anything but boring: Navy blue, grey, black, even deep red. Do you have a front door with beautiful wood grain or carvings that you want to showcase? You can keep it a neutral brown by using the stain of your choice. This can help bring out the wood grain and lend a natural aesthetic to the front of your Connecticut home.

Get creative with color

If you’re drawn to bold, eye-catching colors or just longing for something different than what you’ve done in the past, painting your front door a bright hue can create a beautiful focal point for your Connecticut home. And, bold color on a front door is a great way to convey your personality or design aesthetic without making a huge commitment.

A vibrant yellow, lime green, coral, electric blue, or candy apple red can look stunning against an understated exterior, drawing attention to the home’s architectural details while still preserving that New England charm you love so much. Not ready to go super bright? Deeper tones from these same colorways can still create quite an impact while being a bit more understated. Think forest green instead of lime, goldenrod instead of yellow, or plum instead of bright blue or purple.

Invest in the right paint

When painting your front door, choosing the right pain ensures it will stand the test of time–and Connecticut’s wild weather swings. It will also protect your door and prevent the paint from chipping, cracking, and peeling–important when you think of how much foot traffic your front door enables!

Latex exterior paint is a great option for wooden doors, while rust prevention paint will be best on metal doors. Lastly, consider the finish of your paint for the most impact. High gloss paint is easy to clean and works beautifully to showcase door details, whereas matte paint may look modern on a sleek, more contemporary door. Semi-gloss bridges the two for a still-easy-to-clean, popular paint finish that still packs a beautifully colorful punch.

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