What Can I Declutter to Get Ready for Fall?

You Ask, We Answer: What Can I Declutter to Get Ready for Fall?

As “sweater weather” teases its arrival here in Connecticut, our thoughts at Calcagni Real Estate are turning to feeling cozy in our own homes: More cooking, more “nesting,” more…organization? While it may be an undersung hero of the cozy season, decluttering your home before hunkering down for New England’s colder months can actually make you look forward to coming home at the end of the day. Here are a few simple and easy ways to cut down on clutter and get organized for fall and winter weather. Now, who’s ready for some hot apple cider?

Summer wardrobe items

It may seem obvious while you’re reaching for that jacket on your way out the door, but the days of short sleeves and shorts are on their way out, at least for this year. One of the best ways to declutter for fall is to go through your wardrobe and make room for your cold weather clothes. If you’re feeling stressed when you open your closet door in the morning, it’s a sure sign that you can probably thin out your options, and packing summer items away til next year can afford you more storage room in your closet. Plus, when you’re not searching through warm weather items to get to that sweater you need today, you’re going to feel much less stressed overall. Changing your closet out seasonally is one easy way to get declutter for fall!

Outdoor furniture and toys

If you’re committed to spending time in your yard even when the cold strikes, we don’t blame you. Sitting outside on a crisp fall night, seeing the stars, and enjoying a firepit with loved ones if you’re lucky enough to have one–who doesn’t want their fall to include such cozy scenes? But if being chilly outside isn’t your cup of tea, or if you have summer toys and pool items cluttering up your yard, take some time to cover unused outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements, and put away any toys and pool items that won’t be enjoyed until next summer. Your yard will look much cleaner, and your items will last that much longer if they don’t have to contend with rain, ice, and snow in the upcoming months.

Magazines, mail, and newspapers

You know that saying about the best laid plans? They include reading that stack of New Yorker magazines, back issues of our favorite newspapers, and that pile of catalogs that keeps showing up, despite our unsubscribing. Piles of paper can create clutter no matter how neatly you try to keep them arranged. Do yourself a favor and go through them now–because once they hit the recycling bin, you’ll probably wonder why you waited so long. Look at your clean coffee table! Your unobstructed countertop! Decluttering paper items that arrive in the mail is one of the easiest and most effective ways to feel organized in your Connecticut home.

Personal care items

We often don’t think about our personal care items needing to be decluttered, but just like your pantry, your bathroom vanity and closet may need to be streamlined in time for fall. Skincare, sunscreen, and makeup all have expiration dates, and adhering to them won’t just help your storage space–it can prevent rashes, irritation, and even breakouts from products that are past their prime. Keep only what you’ll be using in the coming months–and keep an eye on your sunscreen! If it expires before next summer, toss it now so you don’t forget and find yourself with a sunburn from a product that is past its prime.

Pantry items

Last but not least, all those bags of beans and canned goods you bought when Covid-19 first hit Connecticut? If you’re still wondering how you ended up with so many, consider decluttering by donating them to your local food bank. With colder weather on the horizon, there are plenty of Connecticut families who will be in need of non-perishable items that haven’t expired–so if you’re not planning on using them in your chili recipe anytime soon, make a plan to drop them off to food banks or your local shelter; just be sure to call first to see what they need most.

Decluttering doesn’t always have to be a huge undertaking! By taking small steps now to organize your Connecticut home before the first cold snap, you’ll be in perfect shape to get as cozy as possible. Happy fall!


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