How Do I Create an Accent Wall?

Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

You Ask, We Answer: How Do I Create an Accent Wall?

From the glossy pages of your favorite decorating magazine to the sigh-inducing images of your Instagram feed, accent walls have a tendency to wow with their beauty and seemingly unobtainable flair. From patterned wallpaper to a single wall painted in a bold hue, you may think you just don’t have the space, style or know-how to create an accent wall that pops. The good news? You’re wrong. We’re disrupting what you think you know about creating an accent wall so you can stop sighing—and start decorating.

Consider color

Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Your accent wall is just that: a wall that accents the rest of your room in your Connecticut home. Think of it as the wall you want to draw attention to: How does the light fall on that wall? Is there a particular detail on or around that wall that you want to highlight, like beautiful molding?

Creating an accent wall with paint is a popular and easy way to bring visual interest to any room. Stick with complementary color palettes and be sure to consider the color of your other walls. If you have neutral walls, like soft beige or grey, bold or deep paint color on the accent wall can really bring together the look of a room. If your walls are stark white, a bold color accent may appear harsh, but you can break up the color with framed photos or artwork and pull the room together with accents like pillows, throws and objects that complement your chosen color.

Not feeling particularly bold? Mid-tone paint colors also work beautifully with white walls. And don’t forget to have fun! With a little painter’s tape and creative vision, you can use several coordinating paint colors to create a pattern that really makes your room pop.

Looking to change things up but don’t want to paint your walls just yet? Accent walls also work well…on the ceiling! Say goodbye to your stark white ceiling and try a pop of color up above, instead. This look works beautifully with crown molding to separate the ceiling and the walls.

Don’t shy away from patterns

Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap over the years, but with updated patterns, color palettes and finishes, today’s wallpapers are making a comeback, and for good reason. Wallpaper adds instant visual interest to any room and works particularly well on accent walls. You can break up a bold pattern by hanging artwork, shelving or even by strategically placing furniture in front of it, like a couch or credenza.

Try it temporarily

Photo courtesy of Samantha Santana

If the thought of committing to traditional wallpaper is enough to break you out in hives, enter the wonder of today’s home decorating world: temporary wallpaper. Ideal for accent walls, temporary wallpaper offers a peel-and-stick (and remove with ease!) option that allows you to experiment without fear. New patterns by brands like Chasing Paper or Tempaper deliver eye-catching drama, but with the comfort of knowing you’re not stuck in a paper/paste cycle you can’t get out of when you’re ready for a change.

Another eye-catching accent without the fear of living with it forever: A removable “arch” detail, like those from Samantha Santana. These work well against white walls and create an instant focal point in a room—all with an effortless peel-and-stick application.

However you decide to create your accent wall, don’t forget to have a bit of fun with it! Just like the rest of your home, this wall is a reflection of your unique style and space. Seeking inspiration? Talk to your Calcagni agent to see if they’ve noticed any beautifully done walls that have really caught their eye lately and ask if there’s a room in your home they think would benefit from an accent wall. Once you figure out the method of application you prefer, you can enjoy the creative process. And don’t forget to let us know how it turns out!


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