How Do I Create a Fall Flower Garden?


You Ask, We Answer: How Do I Create a Fall Flower Garden?


September is here, and there’s nothing quite like fall in Connecticut to send us into a full pumpkin-and-mum-loving frenzy. The days are still warm, the nights are getting cooler, and the rich tones of autumn are just weeks away. If you’re wondering how to create a fall flower garden that showcases the beauty of the season, keep reading for some easy-to-follow tips that will your fall garden looking gorgeous in no time.


Plan ahead


It seems counterintuitive, but the best time to plan your fall garden is actually in the spring. It may be too late to plant young perennials to bloom in this season’s golden days, but when spring 2022 rolls around, you can map out which young perennial plants will you want to color your garden the following fall.

Still, even if you didn’t plan ahead last spring, there are plenty of ways to create a fall flower garden that will add color, texture, and visual interest to your yard this year. If you’re planting mature perennials purchased from your favorite Cheshire nursery, for instance, planting them six weeks before the first frost date will give them the best chance to settle in and for their roots to take hold.

Begin by mapping out which fall flowers you want to display in your fall flower garden. Consider how high they’ll grow, the best lighting conditions, how much room they’ll need to spread out as they bloom. Once you have a blueprint for the design of your fall garden, you’re ready to take the next step.


Designate a spot to show off


Survey your yard or garden and choose a spot in which to cluster together fall plants and blooms. Whether it’s a front yard garden or one with more privacy, a designated area can help you focus your planting efforts and reward you with visual impact.

Maybe you want your fall flowers to bloom around a lamp post; perhaps you want the view from your deck to be rich and full of colorful flowers and grasses. Wherever you choose to showcase these plants, ensure they’ll have the light and water they need to take hold and bloom to their full potential.


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While it’s understandably a popular choice to reach for mums this year (we love them!), your fall flower garden doesn’t have to begin and end there. Consider planting a variety of plants, bushes, grasses and flowers to really provide depth, dimension, height and scattered bloom times so your fall garden has color all season.


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Last but not least, pepper in annuals to really make your fall garden pop. Bright pansies, chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage and kale can all add color, texture, and fill in bare spots to give your fall garden a lush look.

Try a mix of potted and planted flowers to add varied height and visual interest; play with color to create a bold statement you’ll enjoy seeing every day.

We love Connecticut for its autumn splendor, and your new fall flower garden will be one more reason to enjoy the season!


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