How Can I Optimize Kitchen Counter Space?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Optimize Kitchen Counter Space?

One of life’s most common truisms? No matter how big or small your kitchen, counter space is always at a premium. But before you give in to the frustration of trying to cook while constantly relocating countertop items, read on: We have some tips for how to optimize your kitchen counter space.

Hang up your knives…and your pots and pans

A knife block is convenient because all your knives are in one place, but that block can take up precious counter real estate. Instead, consider a magnetic knife strip that can be hung on a wall; this will keep all your knives organized and within reach, but won’t take up any room on your counters.

Another great option? Hang up your most-used pots and pans. If you have a kitchen island or a free wall, consider adding a rack to hold your pots and pans overhead and out of reach. This can free up storage in your cabinets, drawers or oven, making those storage areas available for other things that may be sitting on your counters.

Install an under-the-cabinet wine glass rack

Wine glasses take up room in cabinets, and wine glass racks take up counter space. Installing a wine glass rack underneath wall cabinets can keep stemware within reach, but off the counter itself. Plus, it’s a great way to show off how pretty your glasses are!

Add pull-out shelves inside cabinets

If you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, you can create one by installing pull-out shelves inside your existing cabinets. Pull-out shelving allows you to see everything stored inside your cabinets and helps keep things tidy as a result. You can designate one cabinet for food items, and another for appliances that would otherwise sit on the counter, like a toaster or blender. When you don’t have to rifle through your cabinets to easily find something, you’re more apt to put things away–off the counter, and out of sight.

Upgrade the inside of your cabinet doors

Cabinet doors are often underutilized for their storage potential. But by installing shallow shelving, you can keep spices and other small items organized and off your countertops. Just be sure they’re narrow and shallow enough to allow your cabinet doors to close completely.

Consider free-standing storage solutions

If your floor plan allows for an extra piece of furniture in your kitchen, why not utilize a favorite standing cabinet or hit up an estate sale or Facebook marketplace to find one? Storing plates, serving platters, pitchers, cake stands, etc. in a free standing cabinet (or bookcase, etc!) can free up cabinet space elsewhere, making it available for storing things you keep on your counters. If you don’t have an existing piece of furniture, consider buying a used one. You’ll save a lot of money, acquire a unique piece of furniture, and prevent something from possibly ending up in a landfill. A win-win!

Free wall space? Add some peg board

f you have free wall space in your kitchen, consider adding a bit of peg board. Peg board and its corresponding hooks can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting things off the counter (and keeping them there!). You can hang cutting boards, utensils, pots and pans…the possibilities are endless. This is an easy and inexpensive way to organize your kitchen and make the most of your kitchen counter space


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