What Are the Best Home Organizing Trends for 2024?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Best Home Organizing Trends for 2024?

If you’re anything like us, your New Year’s resolution included the lofty goal of keeping your home tidier. But it can feel overwhelming to overhaul your entire house in the name of keeping it more organized. Luckily, you don’t have to do everything all at once to feel and see a difference. Here are some of the best home organizing trends for 2024; whether you choose one or choose them all, we bet you’ll notice that your home is neater in no time.

Multi-Purpose Storage Solutions

Getting organized in 2024 doesn’t mean buying a bunch of furniture that will make your home feel more cramped. Instead, multi-purpose storage solutions are a saving grace in tidying up and organizing.

What constitutes a multi-purpose storage solution, exactly? Think trunks that double as coffee tables, benches that double as storage trunks, mirrors that open to reveal jewelry storage behind their reflective surfaces, and ottomans that can hold pillows, blankets, or toys out of sight.

Just remember, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money on brand new items. Scouring estate sales, Facebook Marketplace, tag sales, or thrift stores can be an affordable, eco-friendly option for finding multi-purpose storage solutions—and well made older furniture may last longer, too!

Think Vertical

Garages often become a source of clutter, but keeping your garage neat can not only help you find what you need, it can also protect your car from getting dinged and scratched when moving it in and out of your garage.

Vertical wall storage units make for great garage storage. Track shelving makes it easy to adjust shelving heights, ensuring camping equipment, athletic gear, and whatever else you store in the garage stays off the floor and out of the way of your car—yet it will still be easily visible and reachable when you need it.

Another great vertical storage option for your garage? Pegboards. These customizable vertical storage solutions are ideal if you have a lot of tools or small lawn care items that need storing. You can adjust the pegs and hooks as necessary, and they can easily be changed around as your needs evolve. And because they’re shallow, you won’t lose precious square footage in your garage.

Show Off What Matters

And speaking of garage storage, why not move some of those family photos and momentos you’ve been storing in the garage to a more prominent place? Call it a throwback to a more sentimental time, but 2024 is seeing a renewed appreciation for personalization—and that means treating photos and objects that evoke memories as a prominent part of interior decor.

Framing photos and hanging them in your hallway or displaying them on a bookshelf, adding a few objects to a coffee table arrangement, or using an end table to create a meaningful vignette can instantly warm up a space while freeing up storage in other areas of your home.

While this may seem like nothing new under the sun, after years of minimalist decor often stripping homes of these more personal items, many homeowners are ready to embrace pulling items out of storage and showcasing them once more. To avoid cluttered surfaces, choose one or two items to display on tables; you can always rotate items seasonally (or however you see fit) to enjoy them without surfaces becoming too “busy.”

Organizing in 2024 doesn’t have to become a source of stress. With a few creative solutions, getting your Connecticut home organized can be easy—and even enjoyable.


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