How Can I Make the Most of My Powder Room?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Make the Most of My Powder Room?


Whether you call it a half bath or refer to it as a powder room, small spaces like these are the ideal places to showcase your one-of-a-kind style. We’re breaking down how to make the most out of your powder room—and we’d bet your guests are going to love the finished product every bit as much as you.


See the big picture for your small space


Your small powder room actually holds endless possibilities for design, self-expression, and impact. To make the most of this space, take time to suss out the big picture: What is your vision for the space? Do you want it to be a fun and funky half bath? Would you like it to feel spa-like and relaxing? A continuation of the hallway or rooms that surround it?

Remember that this is a room where you can really showcase your personal style. Whereas other, larger rooms in your home might feel overwhelming with bold patterns or flourishes, the small footprint of a powder room is ideal for indulging a look you might otherwise shy away from.

Once you have a vision for how you want the space to look, it’s time to find your focal point.


Go wild with your walls


If you want your focal point in your powder room to be the walls, you have many options to make them really pop. While many people shy away from dark paint in small spaces, using dark hues can create depth and dimension and actually make the space feel larger as a result.

From dark paint hues to bold wallpaper, walls are a great way to showcase a more eccentric side. A fun photo gallery, colorful or patterned ceramic tile and even colorful grout to liven up white tiles can take help you make the most of your powder room.


Be floored by beauty


If bold, beautiful walls aren’t your thing, being creative with your flooring can be a fun and unexpected way to create an impactful powder room. Neutral wall colors combined with embellished floors can still pack a design punch. Whether you choose a rich-hued Moroccan tile, zigzag patterns in complementary colors or natural stone with swirls and depth, a powder room with a stunning floor goes a long way in creating an unforgettable impact.


Say it with (reclaimed) stone


A small powder room can sometimes be the ideal candidate for a big, bold stone sink. While many natural stone counters are cut in big slabs, you can often purchase reclaimed stone or remnants from stone suppliers—and that prevents waste and saves money.

Creating a floating sink with reclaimed stone allows for a bold look without overwhelming the dimensions of the room—and delivers timeless elegance with a “wow” factor.


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