How Can I Brighten A Dark Room?



You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Brighten A Dark Room?


Small windows, no windows, a yard that’s blanketed by shade: Whatever the reason that room in your house feels a little dreary, you don’t have to live in the dark about how to make it feel brighter. We have some helpful and easy tips on how you can brighten a dark room to make it feel more welcoming, more cheery and yes–more illuminated, too. Let’s get started.


Use multiple light sources


First thing’s first: Adding light is the first step in brightening up a dark room. Even if the room has overhead lighting, you’ll want to add multiple light sources to help eliminate shadows that can make the space feel dreary.

In the bedroom, consider wall sconces or table lamps of the same height on nightstands. In a den, office or other room, adding table lamps to side tables and floor lamps to dark corners will help light the room more evenly. By using several light sources throughout the room, you’ll create a warm ambience that beckons you to come spend time in the space.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use the walls and ceiling as light reflectors to help maximize the brightening effect. Placing a side table against a wall and turning on a table lamp can help improve the ambient light in the entire room.


Lighten up a dark floor


Dark hardwood or carpeting can make a room without a lot of natural light feel dingy instead of the cozy look you may have had in mind. But you don’t need to replace your hardwood or your carpeting to achieve a lighter, brighter effect.

Adding a light area rug over your existing carpet or floor can instantly boost the mood in a room and create a feeling of openness. Whether you go with a solid monotone or patterned look, keep it light and bright and big enough to create an impact when you walk into the room.


Cast off heavy window treatments


If you have heavy window treatments in your room, now’s the time to bid them farewell. Swapping out dark curtains for window sheers or light and bright linen curtains can instantly boost the mood in a room by making the most of whatever natural light the room receives.

Not a fan of drapery in general? Reach for Ventian blinds or blinds made of light, natural materials. They’ll give you the privacy you want while allowing you to control the light that comes in–so you can direct sunlight upward, resulting in a sunnier looking space.


Go with white


While we love deep paint colors in the right space, when you’re trying to create a lighter and brighter room, white paint is often the easiest solution to helping you achieve that look.

Consider painting the walls and ceiling a bright, beautiful white–and if you have dark wood trim throughout the room, give those a few coats, too. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in creating the feeling of “breeziness” in your room.


Leave space beneath your furniture


If you can, choose furniture with space underneath it to allow light to pass through. This will create the illusion of a more well-lit room. Six to ten inches between the floor and the bottom of the chair, sofa or table is ideal to create an airy, more open looking space. And if you’ve invested in that light area rug, leaving space beneath your furniture will allow you to showcase it.

However you decide to brighten up your dark room, just remember: Small changes can have a sizable impact! With a few coats of paint, some strategically placed light sources or a new floor treatment, you can have the welcoming room you’ve always wanted.


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