Calcagni Real Estate Announces New Leadership Team

Calcagni Real Estate Announces New Leadership Team

October 19, 2023–Wallingford, CT–Calcagni Real Estate, one of Connecticut’s largest independently-owned and operated real estate companies for over 55 years, has announced a new leadership team that promises to build on the company’s long record of success while preparing for its future.

The new management team comprises three individuals with years-long experience at the company: Luke Williams, CEO/Owner; Jennifer DeVivo, Broker/Owner and COO; and Joel Grossman, New Business Development Director.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work together as a leadership team,” says Williams, who joined Calcagni as co-owner in 2010. “Given the great history of this company and the incredible success of its founders, we are in a position to now work together to ensure its continued success going forward. Calcagni Real Estate has a reputation for attracting the most talented and dedicated real estate agents, and we are laser-focused on continuing our unparalleled support to help them succeed. This focus strengthens our agents’ ability to curate and represent the needs of Connecticut’s homebuyers and seller like no other.”

Calcagni’s commitment to supporting its agents has been a pillar of the company’s culture since its founding. Having worked at Calcagni together for 19 years–first as real estate agents and more recently in leadership roles–both DeVivo and Grossman have a deep understanding of how this direct support translates to success for REALTORS®, and how it benefits their clients. They also find that working as a team is key to helping the company thrive.

“What sets Calcagni apart is our culture,” DeVivo says. “We’re unique in that we are committed to supporting each other, and we share a team mindset. Our team is our greatest asset! My philosophy is that the company will never be about just one person. Rather, when the company does well, everyone does well and vice versa. I’m excited about my new roles as the new Broker/Owner and COO because this allows me to continue the work of those who came before me, building upon what was put into place to best serve our agents and clients, and moving us forward into the future. ”

Grossman, who has been with Calcagni for 31 of his 40 years in real estate, echoes DeVivo’s sentiments. “This company, no matter what goes on, the agents, the support staff–all of us–we encourage one another, and we do amazing business as a result. We give our best to our clients, but also to each other. Having worked together for 19 years, Jennifer and I first honed our client services as agents, and as we’ve worked in various leadership roles, we’ve become fierce advocates for our REALTORS®. Now, working with Luke in this capacity as a leadership team, we can offer Calcagni agents the tools, technology, and support to best serve their clients’ needs. It’s an exciting time for Calcagni Real Estate.”


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