Help Your Home’s Winter Recovery

Harsh winter weather can take a toll on your home. To keep everything running efficiently, and to decrease the likelihood of expensive maintenance musts down the line, consider these post-winter suggestions to help your home heal from winter.

Inspect windows and doors. Swift changes in weather can cause your window and door frames to swell and shrink, creating gaps for air to escape. While you’re at it, inspect for any damage to screens or hinges.

Check your roof. Massive amounts of snow, wind and freezing and thawing can loosen shingles and create cracks. Have a professional inspect your roof before heading fully into a rainy spring.

Clear your gutters. Winter can wash debris into your gutters and clog them up, which can create backup, damaging your gutters and eventually causing a leak. Clean your gutters or hire a pro to come and do the job.

Reseal the deck and driveway. If it’s been a few years since you’ve sealed your deck, porch or driveway, consider doing it now in order to prevent any cracks from growing.

Check for stains. Look for any staining on your ceilings or floors, a clear indicator of a leak that needs fixing before causing larger damage.

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By Zoe Eisenberg


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