Adding Temporary Color to Your Home

A bold, bright color in your home can feel fresh and inviting. However, large color commitments like paint or wallpaper can create a headache if you outgrow the hue six months into it. If you’re itching to add more color to your space, but are nervous about outgrowing the shade, consider one of these easy-to-swap design elements. You can even incorporate new colors seasonally.

Flowers and plants. Bright flowers or plants are the easiest and least expensive way to add a pop of color to your space. If possible, check out a local farmers market for discounted bouquets and planted pots and stock up.

Art. Hang those bright colors on the wall by supporting a local artist. Browse local craft fairs and galleries, or commission someone for a piece created just for you.

Rugs. You can get a great rug for just a few hundred dollars, and they can be a fun way to brighten your space.

Curtains. Brightly colored curtains can help frame your room. Consider a cheery yellow or green.

Pillows. Throw pillows are another easy, low-cost way to toss a vibrant orange or magenta into a space without making a large commitment.

By Zoe Eisenberg


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