Calcagni Real Estate Expands to North Haven & Guilford

Evolution is a demanding, uncomfortable process.  Its presence often produces longevity and its absence is associated with many a failed business.  With fifty years of history, evolution has become a fixture of our operations.  We have grown to accommodate demand, we have expanded competencies to adapt to market changes, and we have digitized our activities and systems in tandem with technology’s progression.  These changes were often intimidating, but they were executed anyway.  Fifty years later, this family business attributes its continued success to the informed and prudent fearlessness that compelled us to evolve.

Though several national real estate brokerages are closing offices in Connecticut this year, Calcagni is opening two new locations, North Haven and Guilford.  North Haven represents the relocation of our Hamden office while Guilford marks our brick-and-mortar expansion to the shoreline.  These plans are progressing efficiently, as 28 Washington Avenue in North Haven is being primed, painted, and polished for our use.  The space will soon flaunt a sharp, modern style…and a couple dozen exceptional real estate professionals.  We have long-served North Haven’s buyers and sellers and are delighted by the opportunity to shift our categorization of this market from “neighboring town” to “hometown.”  After all, for many of us, it is just that.

On our website, we identify ourselves as the “largest small company you’ll find.”  Five decades of deliberate evolution have enabled us to achieve this status, despite competition from big-name brands.  Now, as their doors close and ours continue to open, we convey our humblest gratitude to the clients who have supported us for so long.  We will share details of our upcoming Guilford office soon!


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