What to Know About Buying in the Fall

The fall often calls for a slowdown from the bustling Summer home buying season. However, due to affordable interest rates and home prices, this fall is proving to be a busier buying time than the falls that have come before. Here are a a few tips for buying a home in the fall:

Check up on homes you liked this summer. Remember that gorgeous home with the wrap-around porch you fell in love with in June, but passed on because it was a bit out of your price range? Check back. If it’s still on the market, it may have dropped in price, and even if it hasn’t, offering a little less than asking price may be a good idea if the seller is trying to close before winter.

Buy a home that needs a little TLC. In the fall, not only are homes cheaper, but building materials are, too. Home improvement stores typically have huge fall sales now that the prime building season (looking at you, summer) is over. So if you are unsure about a home because it needs a renovated kitchen or bathroom, you may be able to swing it if you make good use of the season’s discounts.

Take advantage of more selection. While many areas around the country are experiencing a shortage in listing, the fall will offer more selection than the summer or spring. Use this to your advantage by shopping around and comparing prices.

Don’t rush. Just as sellers are looking to sell their properties before winter, you may be feeling rushed to purchase one before the holidays start rolling in. Take your time and make intelligent buying decisions – you want a home you can enjoy for years to come, so don’t allow the changing seasons to pressure you.

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