What is a HERS home, and Where Can I Find One?

You Ask, We Answer: What is a HERS home, and Where Can I Find One?

If you’re on the hunt for energy efficient new construction homes in Connecticut, we have good news. Calcagni Real Estate is representing new homes that have recently received HERS Index ratings–and that’s great news for your wallet and for the environment. Learn about the HERS Index, what it means for energy efficient homes, and where you can find a HERS home in Connecticut.

What does a HERS Index rating tell me about a house?

According to hersindex.com, “The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance.”

The HERS Index illustrates how efficiently a home is operating and what changes can be made to improve energy savings even further. Low HERS Index scores mean higher energy efficiency, and this can translate to a higher resale price for buyers who also want to benefit from energy savings.

What are the benefits of a HERS Index home?

In addition to possibly commanding a higher resale price for your Connecticut home, HERS homes are often more comfortable to live in. When your heat or air conditioning isn’t escaping through drafty doors or windows, you can actually enjoy the temperature you set your thermostat to!

And, with inflation being at the top of everyone’s minds these days, saving money anywhere we can is also incredibly appealing. HERS homes can save you money because they are energy efficient, resulting in lower utility costs. Who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bills?

If the environment is top of mind for you and your family, take heart: HERS homes use less energy, and are therefore better for the environment overall.

Where can I find a HERS rated home?

Finding a HERS rated home is easier than you think–and it begins with Calcagni Real Estate! Our new construction homes at Pierpont Hill have just recently been rated on the HERS Index, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Located in North Haven, Pierpont Hill is an all-ages community of 3-4 bedroom homes that are tucked into a wooded alcove for a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. With four styles to choose from, Pierpont Hill has something for everyone–and now that these homes have been HERS rated, they’re also an energy efficient, environmentally friendly option for Connecticut families.

Here’s how the new construction homes at Pierpont Hill scored on the HERS Index, and what the annual utility savings averages per model:

Stiles model
54 on the HERS Index
Annual Savings $1,760

Patton model
52 on the HERS Index
Annual Savings $2,035

Wallace model
53 on the HERS Index
Annual Savings $ 1,766

Bradley model
53 on the HERS Index
Annual Savings $1,843

Curious to learn more about the energy efficient new homes at Pierpont Hill and how the HERS Index can improve your everyday living? Contact us at 203-265-1821 to learn more today!


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