What Are the Top Tips for Selling My Home Faster?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Top Tips for Selling My Home Faster?

You’re ready to list your house for sale. That’s great news! But how do you list your home and ensure that it sells—faster? We’ve collected some of our favorite tried-and-true tips for selling your Connecticut home faster. And if you want more tips than we have listed here, just call us. We’ve got plenty more where these came from!

Price it right

Knowing how to price your Connecticut home is one of the most important aspects of selling it quickly. For many of us, listing our houses is an emotional undertaking, no matter how ready we are to get it on the market. And how could it not be? Our homes are where our memories are made, our place of solace and shelter, where we gather and live with our loved ones. These factors can color our judgment when it comes to listing at a fair price; we tend to view our houses through the lens of a loving homeowner rather than that of a potential buyer.

Now is the time to consult with your Calcagni Real Estate agent, who will be able to pull together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), an estimate of what your home is worth based on similar Connecticut houses that have recently sold in your area. While we may feel sentimental about our homes, having neutral data to price a house correctly is an invaluable part of the listing process. Talk to your Calcagni agent about the best listing price for your unique home. They know how much this house means to you, but they’ll also be able to see it through the eyes of potential buyers and can help determine a fair price for today’s evolving market.

Showcase your storage

Storage is important to most homebuyers, and perhaps never as much as today, when so much of our daily existence is being lived out at home. To appeal to those viewing your home, take the time to declutter your closets. Throw out or donate clothes that you’re not wearing, organize cleaning supplies or pantry items, store out-of-season coats and display shoes neatly. This will allow your potential buyers to imagine how their lifestyle—and the things that go with it—will fit into this house.

Light it up

For added appeal, make your home lighter and brighter! Light makes everything better when viewing a home. No one wants to walk into a dark house; it can automatically make things feel dreary—plus, you miss an opportunity to showcase all the things that make your house really shine. Inside, be sure to clean windows, open drapes (or take them down) before showings and swap out dim lightbulbs for ones with higher wattage. If you have shrubs or trees outside your windows that block sunlight, consider trimming them back to allow natural light to work its magic while homebuyers are touring your home. This instantly creates a more welcoming and cozy appeal!

De-personalize it

You may have heard this advice before, but it bears repeating: De-personalizing your home helps potential homebuyers imagine themselves living there. While your family photos and memorabilia are precious to you, keeping your home as neutral as possible is the way to go while you’re showing your house. Tuck family photos away, along with knick-knacks and personalized momentos, while your house is on the market. This will not only help appeal to more people, but it’s a great way to protect your privacy when your house appears in online listings.

Clean up after your pet

We get it: Your pet is family. (Ours are, too.) But not everyone is a passionate cat lover or has an enthusiastic “dog voice,” so it’s best to put away food and water bowls, litter boxes and crates whenever possible. Make sure to vacuum furniture, carpets and all flooring surfaces to make your house look as clean and tidy as possible.

Listen to your Calcagni Real Estate agent

Last but not least, the #1 tip we have for selling your home faster is to listen to your Calcagni Real Estate agent! With over 50 years in the business, Calcagni understands the local real estate market. Our agents live in and around the towns we serve, so chances are, we have buyers that would love to see your property. We also understand what’s happening in the market on any given day, so we’ll help you list your home at a price that makes sense and can make it more likely to sell. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent advice on how to stage your home for photos or what their advice would be for making it more marketable. Our real estate agents have a breadth of experience in helping Connecticut homebuyers and sellers—and if they don’t have the answer, chances are, they work with someone who does.


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