What Are the Top 5 Smart Home Trends for 2021?


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You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Top 5 Smart Home Trends for 2021?

With all the new “smart home” technology to hit the market these days, it can be a little overwhelming to decide what’s worth your time and investment. Looking to upgrade your Connecticut home but not yet ready for a refrigerator that connects to your shopping list? We hear you. We’ve rounded up our top 5 smart home trends for 2021 to make it easier and more affordable for you to experience the joys of smart technology, one cool device at a time.


1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

For the uninitiated, Google Nest Learning Thermostat may be smart, but it’s also incredibly intuitive for those who are otherwise tech-shy. With its simple and sleek interface available in numerous finishes to match your decor, Nest seamlessly integrates into your household. It can switch to eco-friendly mode so it’s not heating or cooling empty rooms, note your regular heating and cooling habits and adjust accordingly, and even track your energy use on its corresponding app for money saving in the months ahead.


2. SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer

While this device may be for a more targeted audience, it’s incredibly useful, just the same. If there is a room in your house where humidity (or lack thereof) is important—say, to your musical instruments, wine, cigars, or art—then the SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer is for you. Whether you mount it or leave it free-standing, it will notify you when heat or humidity exceeds your chosen levels. And, in true Swiss-made fashion, it’s incredibly accurate: the monitoring range extends from -4 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.


3. iRobot Roomba s9+

Pet owners, parents and those too busy to bother with regular vacuuming (i.e., everyone), rejoice! The iRobot Roomba s9+ has arrived, and with it, updated mapping technology (picking up more than 230,000 date points per second) to help learn the contours of your home for more accurate cleaning. Too busy to bother emptying your Roomba when it’s done? They’ve thought of that, too. This model self-empties into its home base bin, which holds up to 60 days’ worth of dust and dirt. Worried about Fluffy’s hair ruining the brushes? Don’t be. Multi-surface rubber brushes prevent tangles and help trap allergens, to boot.


4. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

Love the idea of a home security system, but can’t bear the thought of a long-term contract with major security providers? Enter SimpliSafe, the wireless home security system you can custom build to meet your needs. With no contracts and 24/7 alarm monitoring, this intuitive-to-set-up system is ideal for those who may eschew extensive wiring and/or long-term contractual commitments. The brand offers different sized systems, so whether your home is on the smaller size or more spacious, you can still get the coverage you need. They even offer a video doorbell options so you can view or speak to whoever is at the door.


5. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

After a year spent at home, we’ve become intimately acquainted with the air in our houses. Too dry, too damp, too much dust and too many allergens: If this sounds at all like you, meet the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, this smart tech device won’t just purify your air (removing up to 99.9% of bacteria) it will cool and humidify it as needed with invisible vapor. HEPA and carbon filters remove airborne gases, allergens and particles, and the entire device can be controlled either by its included remote or your smartphone. Clean air in our living spaces has never seemed more appealing, and this promises to make that dream a reality.


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