What Are the Top 5 Decor Trends for 2021?

You Ask We Answer: What Are the Top 5 Decor Trends for 2021?

The new year is on the horizon (we promise!) and many Connecticut homeowners are looking to say goodbye to 2020 with some home decor updates. Whether you’re seeking a fresh coat of paint or are planning to move to a space more conducive to our altered reality, we at Calcagni have gathered five of the top decor trends for 2021 to help inspire you as we turn the page and welcome the year ahead.

Statement pendant lights

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All the time spent indoors this year has made many of us antsy to change things up in our current living situations. Enter the statement pendant light, a decor trend of 2021 that we love for its ability to completely transform a room. Whether you choose to go for an eye-catching, bold design or something a bit more understated, lighting can change the feel of the room in an instant. If a statement pendant light isn’t in the budget, consider the power of changing up your lightbulbs: Swapping out an operating-room-bright bulb for a warm, golden glow can create an inviting environment that invites you to linger and relax—and who doesn’t want an invitation to relax these days?

Lighter wood accents

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Lighter and brighter wood accents figure prominently in 2021 home decor, calling to mind Scandinavian and Japanese influence. From whitewashed floors to furniture finished in its natural hue, lighter wood accents can make any room feel fresh again. Whether you’re on the hunt for new furniture or are thinking about refinishing existing pieces, consider a matte finish for a modern-yet-timeless take on this soothing decor trend.

Resurgence of traditional style

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Call it a nod to the “before times,” but traditional style is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in 2021. Connecticut homeowners can rejoice, because those classic pieces that have graced living and dining rooms for years are once again having a moment. Still searching for ways to make your home feel different? Consider reupholstering an existing sofa or a beloved chair. You’ll keep the beautiful craftsmanship and comfort of your traditional furniture, but will end up with a piece that feels like new.

Shades of green

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Maybe it’s all that time spent indoors in 2020 that has everyone reaching for paint colors that evoke the natural world, but green is in for interiors in 2021. From sage to avocado to forest, green hues are popping up on walls, trim, tiles and furniture—basically, anywhere your imagination sees fit to incorporate it. Not ready to commit to something that requires a paintbrush and a ladder? Try a few green throw pillows or a blanket draped over a sofa to bring this on-trend color into your home in the new year.

Divided rooms

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We love an open floor plan for the light it allows, the sense of openness it creates and the communal feeling it generates with other members of our households, but such wide open spaces have also proven tricky to navigate in a year marked by Zoom meetings, distance learning and conference calls with far-flung office mates. Divided or dedicated rooms are seeming more appealing in 2021 in response to these new realities, but that doesn’t mean you need to take drastic measures in carving up your open floor plan.

While home offices are especially appealing now, if that’s not an option for you, getting creative about erecting a room divider can be practical and fun—and won’t leave you wishing you had more room to breathe in the future. Creating a room divider out of shelving units or bookcases allows you more privacy without the commitment of drywall—plus, it makes for a great focal point in any room. Personalize your shelving with artwork, books, or objects that have sentimental value and get ready save your sanity— and wow your fellow Zoom call participants with your updated room.


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