What Are the Ceiling Trends for 2022?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Ceiling Trends for 2022?

Flat, popcorn, skip trowel: Whatever you think you know about ceiling textures, 2022 is taking ceiling decor to new heights, making them a surprise focal point of different rooms in the house. If you love your home but just feel like it needs a little design shakeup, keep reading. Ceilings are having a design moment in 2022, and with a little inspiration, the space over your head may wind up being your favorite place in the house!

Add a splash of color

Love the look of light colored or white walls but find yourself dreaming of more bold design? Consider adding color to your ceiling! While white ceilings are always a safe bet, painting your ceilings a soft pastel shade can add depth, dimension, and visual interest to a room—meaning, colored ceilings are anything but boring!

Feeling extra daring? Try a deep ceiling color to add a more moody contrast to white walls: A deep charcoal grey, rich navy blue, or natural hunter green. These darker hues can really alter the look and feel of a room, creating a big impact with just a small amount of paint.

When in doubt, wallpaper it out

Who says ceiling paint should have all the fun? These days, more and more people are reaching for wallpaper to add color and pattern to their ceilings.

Today, peel and stick removable wallpaper offers the ability to add visual interest without all the labor-intensiveness of wallpaper glue. For a dining room, a classic floral may pull the entire room together while adding a “wow” factor; for a living room, a geometric or bold graphic pattern can enliven an otherwise subdued space.

One idea we really love? Covering ceiling fan blades with the same removable wallpaper that’s on the ceiling for a seamless—and very unexpected!—look.

Cue the natural elements

If you’re not a wallpaper type but want a ceiling effect that’s different than paint, why not bring some natural elements?

Wood is a popular choice, from exposed wooden beams and shiplap styles to wood slat panels that create an elevated yet still cozy aesthetic. Looking for a more eco-friendly solution? Reach for sustainable materials like bamboo, which delivers warmth and texture like wood but is much more eco-friendly. Varying patterns and weaves of bamboo plates can create a distinct look and feel in a room, from beach-y or traditional to more urban chic.

However you decide to remake your ceilings, remember to have fun! Paint, removable wallpaper, or even textured natural elements can create a pop of color and style in any room, and they’re also easy to swap out down the line if you want to change it up some more. We love that ceilings are an all-too-often untapped design resource, don’t you?


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