What Are the Best Deer-Resistant Plants?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Best Deer-Resistant Plants?

Gardening season in Connecticut is finally here, and we at Calcagni Real Estate couldn’t be happier about it. But if you’re already dismayed by the breakfast buffet your garden has become for neighborhood deer, fear not: There are plants you can incorporate into your garden that may help to deter the deer from feasting on your flowers. Let’s dive in.

What are deer resistant plants?

Deer, like us, appreciate the finer things in life. When it comes to snacking on plants, they tend to avoid plants that are excessively bitter, thorny, strongly scented, or even the wrong texture. If you have a robust herb garden or fuzzy-leaf plants, for instance, chances are, the deer will pass on by. However, it’s important to remember that in the early season or during times of drought, deer may be more tempted to graze because they’re hungry. Planting deer resistant plants may require a bit of trial and error, but with time, the hope is that deer will get the message.

The best deer resistant plants

The best deer resistant plants are highly scented, bitter to taste, and unappealing in texture. But to us, these plants are beautiful to look at, smell nice, and add depth, color, and character to our gardens.

French marigolds

The beauty of French marigolds is that they’re colorful, hearty, and have a fragrance that repel deer. As a bonus, they’re also great at keeping mosquitos at bay.


Not only is this fragrant herb great for cooking, but it helps to keep deer away because of its strong scent. To make the most of this easy-to-care-for herb, plant along the outer edge of the garden so it can spread and grow to its full potential without stealing water from other plants.

Fresh mint

In addition to rosemary, mint makes a wonderful deer deterrent. And like both rosemary and French marigold, this herb can also help keep mosquitos away. But while we love what it can do to keep unwanted pests away, we also love it in salads, iced tea or lemonade, and cocktails! Just be sure to cut your mint leaves before the plant begins to flower to enjoy the height of its refreshing flavor.

Fountain grass

Tall, willowy, and with pretty, puffy tips, fountain grass blooms from summer to late fall, creating a beautiful visual anchor for your garden that helps repel deer, but feed birds. Win-win!


Like fountain grass, heather can create a stunning visual that looks extremely graceful whenever the breeze blows. Available in varying shades of purple and pink, heather can bloom at different times of year, so be sure to do your research and mix it up to make the most out of these deer resistant flowers.

With a little planning and experimentation, your garden can be every bit as beautiful as it is unappealing to hungry deer. And that means more flowers and veggies for you to enjoy all summer long!


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