Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Front Porch This Summer

Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Front Porch This Summer

With temps expected to soar any day now, we’re turning our thoughts to summer decor—and where better to celebrate one of Connecticut’s best seasons than your own front porch? As a Connecticut real estate company, we love nothing more than seeing Connecticut homes dressed in their summer best. If you’re seeking inspiration for how to make summer your home’s favorite season, keep reading. We’ve curated our top 5 ways to decorate your front porch this summer!

Add a splash of color

The first, and perhaps easiest, way to spruce up your front porch for summer is to add color: Think flowers, flowers, and more flowers! We love this decorating tip not just because we love flowers, but because it works on any type of porch, from wraparound to front stoop to balcony.

Whether you’re partial to a riot of color from different flowers or you prefer a monochromatic color impact, flowers instantly pull a porch together and make it look festive and summery. Be sure to gift your flowers the gift of proper drainage and the right light so they can thrive. And you can even mix your flower planters with fresh herbs for added greenery—plus, many herbs (rosemary, mint, basil) may help keep mosquitos at bay!

Make the most of outdoor living

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large or wraparound front porch, why not make the most of it by bringing your living space outdoors? Add an outdoor rug to help create a designated “living space,” a coffee table, an outdoor sofa or a few comfortable chairs. Not only will this decorate your front porch for summer, but you’ll be able to enjoy Connecticut’s warmer months while eating dinner al fresco, drinking morning coffee in the fresh air, and gathering friends and family for all of summer’s memories—without creating a mess in the house. What’s not to love about that?

Mix and match planters

If you’re going the flower route for your front porch summer decor, don’t be afraid to mix and match planters for added interest. For an eclectic look, you can mix plain with patterned, modern and bohemian, round and square. Or, if you prefer your look a bit more streamlined, choose from the same color family (grey, white, black, wood, etc.) and mix and match shapes and heights for visual interest.

Plant a fuss-free pathway garden

We’re back to flowers again, and can you blame us? Planting a fuss-free pathway garden, while not technically on the front porch, helps highlight the beauty of your home as people pull into the driveway and walk to the front door.

Look for deer resistant plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance, like flowering ground cover if you have the right amount of sunlight, or hosta plants, which come with different leaf patterns and sizes and do well in shaded areas.

Feeling festive? Just add bunting (and flags)

Last but not least, a very festive way to decorate your front porch for summer is to add bunting—especially popular over Memorial Day and Fourth of July. If you’re partial to Americana, this can be a beautiful way to make your home look festive without a whole lot of effort. Drape the red, white, and blue fabric across the railing (tying into place so it doesn’t go missing in a gust of wind) and add a few small flags to your garden or flower pots for extra dazzle.

Decorating your front porch for summer can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Whichever tips you choose to follow, just remember to pay attention to the overall aesthetic of your Connecticut home so your decor enhances its beauty. (For instance, if you have a sleek, modern home, you may want to rethink going full New England classic with the decor!) However, the most important thing is to enjoy getting your home ready for summer’s beautiful days and long, easy nights. After all, after another Connecticut winter, you’ve earned this time to be outdoors enjoying your home as much as possible!


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