Top 10 Reasons to list your home during the holiday season

If your property has languished on the market since summer or fall, we have some good news… Here are the top 10 Reasons to list your home during the holiday season:

  1. There is less inventory competition during the holidays.
  2. Winter prospects are more serious Buyers.
  3. Your home looks more inviting during the holidays.
  4. The conversion rate for houses listed to houses SOLD is much higher during these months.
  5. You may receive a higher sales price for your home because there is less competition.
  6. Buyers have more time to look, especially during vacations.
  7. You must be ON the market in order to capture the market.
  8. Corporate relocation Buyers cannot wait until the Spring.
  9. Selling now will allow you to be a VERY good Buyer when more homes come on the market in January.
  10. You may have fewer showings, but they will be more serious showings.

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