The Top 5 Benefits of Buying in a 55+ Community

You Ask, We Answer: What Are The Top 5 Benefits of Buying in a 55+ Community?

Owning a home in Connecticut can be one of the great joys of adulthood. But as the years go by and lifestyles change, many of us find that we want less space, less yard maintenance, less commuting time and perhaps even less noise. If you’re 55 or over and considering a housing switch, you may be curious about Connecticut’s active adult communities. Here are our top five benefits of buying in a 55+ community, and what you can expect from making the move.


1. Age Restricted

55+ communities may offer restrictions on age, but the benefits of living with peers in your age range will leave you feeling anything but confined. Many homeowners in these communities enjoy living with neighbors who share common generational life experiences and interests; some even find it easier to foster friendships with neighbors in the same age range. Still, one of the most appealing benefits for those buying in 55+ communities in Connecticut is the peace and quiet such an age restriction encourages. While grandchildren and family and friends of all ages are of course welcome to visit, these communities tend to be quieter than neighborhoods populated with owners of mixed age ranges.


2. Convenient Location

Many 55+ communities in Connecticut are conveniently located to shops, restaurants, medical centers and cultural destinations, making them appealing for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time behind the wheel every time they need to run an errand. Castle Heights in Cheshire, one of the 55+ communities offered by Calcagni Real Estate, offers homebuyers “10 minutes or less” convenience to restaurants, shops, gas stations, parks and linear trails. In Orange, Calcagni’s Beecher Walk is close to I-95, New Haven and the myriad retail offerings of Boston Post Road, but retains a “tucked away” feel thanks to its natural surroundings. If convenience is a driving force behind your decision to make a move, a 55+ community may be the solution you’re seeking.


3. Low Maintenance Living

Beautiful grounds that don’t demand you spend your weekends doing yard work? If it seems too good to be true, we’re happy to report it’s not! 55+ communities offer outdoor space that’s ideal for relaxing or entertaining, without the required labor other housing options would demand. For many homeowners, this is a huge benefit; not only can they enjoy their surroundings on a regular worry-free basis, but if they’re traveling, they don’t have to think about yard upkeep while they’re gone.


4. Active Lifestyle

If being active is an important part of your lifestyle, living in a 55+ community might be an excellent fit for you. Being close to linear trails or private paths for walking, jogging or cycling—which both Castle Heights and Beecher Walk offer— can make daily activity a breeze, and offer the added benefit of enjoying time outdoors…an instant mood boost!


5. Right-sized Living Spaces

For many homeowners, the manageable footprint of 55+ homes is a huge draw. While they don’t want to feel cramped, they also may no longer want a large house and the upkeep that goes along with it. Calcagni’s 55+ communities are smartly designed to offer ample space for comfortable living, entertaining or working from home, but not too much that caring for your home feels overwhelming. Many homeowners don’t think of moving to a 55+ community as “down sizing,” but rather, right-sizing for their lifestyles as they are today.


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