The Peepers are Peeping!

Spring has sprung, and the peepers are peeping, and that’s no joke!

No, I’m not talking about little eye spectacles called peepers!  Around ponds and wetlands from March to June, these little frogs toot and breed. On Martha’s Vineyard they call these little critters “pinkletinks” and in Canada they’re reffered to as “tinkletoes” but to me, hearing the peepers means that spring has sprung.

These little amphibians (less than an inch long) sing and show off in the evenings and early in the morning, but how many of us ever actually get to see one? Not many as they typically stay on the forest floor.

Many things can make us feel like spring is underway, for me it’s the peepers. Along with spring comes spring cleaning, and whether you love or hate that it may be a signal for you that it’s time to move.

If you find yourself thinking about moving after a good spring cleaning, contact an agent at Calcagni. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and help you with all of the difficult decisions that come with buying and selling a home.

Written by Linka Lewis, GRI, Realtor, Calcagni Associates


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