Pool Cleaning Tips

Pool owners rejoice the start of summer, and the long poolside days that lay ahead. But before you dive in, make sure your pool is properly prepped. To help, inground pool covers manufacturer, LOOP-LOC, shares three simple pool cleaning tips to get you ready.

Remove winter dirt. During the colder months, it is possible that dirt and potentially black algae forms on or around your pool. Be sure to scrub the side walls and steps of your pool until they reflect the pristine pool you have grown accustomed to. After you are certain you have scrubbed away any potential threats to your pool, remember to run the filter for a few hours. This will ensure the bacteria has been removed from your pool. The scrub and filter sequence may need to happen a few times before your pool is summer ready.

Balance those chemicals. Once the pool is open, the truly difficult task of balancing pool chemicals begins. As the temperature will continue to heat up over the summer, pool chemical levels will need to be constantly checked and rearranged as conditions change. Get ahead of the pool chemical challenge by starting the season off strong. You’ll want to begin by having your pool water tested professionally. This will allow you the time to make any necessary changes before the first long-anticipated swim of the season.

Get the filter working.  After a long winter of no use, a good look at the filter is overdue. Be sure to look closely for any damage and be prepared to replace any items (drain plugs) that need it. Once you have given your filter the green light, make sure the pump is ready to start working. This may mean priming it with water before starting the motor. If your filter is on the smaller side you may consider replacing the media in the filter. You may also want to invest in pool filter cleaner or new filter cartridges at the beginning of the pool season. A working filter is essential to a successful pool season.

Source: LOOP-LOC


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