Some overindulge on sweets…others on reality television.  We like to think that our own overindulgence is a little healthier and certainly better-advised.  Indeed, our current kick is change.

At Calcagni, we believe that success never justifies stagnation.  For this reason, our Southington office is adopting a new model of leadership and support, captained by our own Beth Allen-Byrd.  With considerable industry experience—at both Calcagni and a global relocation firm—Beth is amply capable of managing this transition.

As the Team Leader of Southington Operations, Beth will fuse the roles of manager and administrator, providing both advisory and operational support.  She will also experiment with a co-op business model by involving the office’s top agents in long-term strategic choices.

We have strong confidence in the prudence of this evolution, in the competence of Beth as the new Team Leader, and, most significantly, in the adaptability and direction of our talented Southington agents.

Congratulations, Beth!


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