Our Wallingford team is keen to embrace its newest member: Jessica Castelli. A Wallingford resident and a frequenter of local restaurants and parks, Jessica says that her new position as a Calcagni agent more closely resembles a cherished hobby than a nine-to-fiver: “They say you should find something you love to do and then it won’t be a job. This is it for me. I have always loved looking at houses and seeing the character of them and then matching that house with a person or family.”

As for her choice of agency, Calcagni charmed Jessica upon first meeting: “Calcagni has such a team environment and the agents are all there to help each other. It was nice to hear that there are so many tenured realtors within the company and they still absolutely love what they do. To me, that speaks to the kind of company Calcagni is.”

To work with Jessica, you are welcome to contact her by phone (203.265.1822 x 1211) or email (Jessica_Castelli@Calcagni.com).


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