How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale: Tips from the Experts

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale: Tips from the Experts

Even in a seller’s market, homes only sell if a buyer falls in love with the home. The key to making a buyer fall in love with your home (besides pricing it right ) is to make your home appealing. Even the most meticulous seller likely doesn’t have a Pinterest-perfect home, and that’s okay! This is where home staging comes in. Staging a home aims to help make it the most attractive it can be. Many sellers choose to do some staging on their own without the help of a professional service. If you’re wondering how to stage your home for a quick sale, we’ve got you covered. Here are five expert tips for staging your home on your own.

1 – Depersonalize

Prospective buyers who visit your home during a showing envision themselves in the house. It may be your home, but a buyer hopes to make it theirs. A great way to stage your home for buyers is to depersonalize. Removing personal items such as photos and mementos can help leave a “blank slate” for buyers. Personal photos and knick-knacks can be distracting, and the buyer may end up feeling disconnected from the home. As a bonus, this is a great way to get a head start on packing for your big move!

2 – Declutter and Reorganize

As you get your home ready for potential buyers, you’ll want to also remove extra clutter. A little clutter is expected in a lived-in home but can give a potential buyer the wrong impression about the space. Too much clutter can leave a client thinking the home is too small or doesn’t have enough storage. With this in mind, it is especially important to declutter closets and other storage spaces. Even the most spacious walk-in closet will feel tiny if it is overflowing with clothes and shoes. It can be challenging for buyers to see past an owner’s stuff, so decluttering and reorganizing your home is a great way to help them see your home for what it truly is. If you don’t know where to start when decluttering, we’ve got you covered in a previous blog.

3 – Give Every Room a Purpose

A buyer expects to see the same types of rooms in a home: kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It’s not uncommon to transform spaces and use them for different purposes. But if you’ve been using your dining room as a home gym, turning it back into a dining room may be worthwhile. A buyer may have a dining room high on their list of must-haves and overlook your home if there is no obvious dining room. It also may be helpful to consider how you can best showcase additional spaces. If you have a bonus room that you use for storage, help buyers imagine their new life in your home by staging a home office or a game room.

4 – Increase Curb Appeal

The first thing potential buyers will see when they drive up to your home is the outside. Increasing your curb appeal will give buyers a warm welcome to your home. Keeping the lawn and landscaping tidy, adding a seasonal door hanger, and fresh potted plants are all ways that can add beauty to the front of your home. Another important tip is to ensure your house number is easily seen from the street, either on the front of your house or your mailbox. This will help prospective buyers find your home without a challenge. Getting lost on the way to the showing can start the showing on the wrong foot!

5 – Deep Clean and Deodorize

Prospective buyers are looking for red flags in the homes they visit, and a dirty bathroom or stinky kitchen may be a deal-breaker for them. Deep clean your home from top to bottom to help show your home in the best state possible. Make sure your home is clean and free of offensive odors, but beware of covering up scents with candles or air fresheners. Heavy artificial scents can be a red flag for buyers and make them think you are covering up a severe odor problem. Taking out the trash, cleaning cat litter boxes, and leaving a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen can help your home smell fresher without overdoing it. (Tip: Running a sliced lemon through your garbage disposal will help keep it clean and make your kitchen smell lemony fresh!)

When looking to sell your home, staging is a perfect way to help your home go from “just listed” to “sold”! If you are ready to take the leap, reach out to your Calcagni agent. We’ll be happy to help you take that first step.


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