How Do I Create a Laundry Room?


You Ask, We Answer: How Do I Create a Laundry Room?

If you think doing laundry means being surrounded by piles of mismatched socks, bottles of detergent or a dark corner of the basement, think again. Today’s laundry rooms are becoming more and more appealing to Connecticut homeowners—could it be all this time at home?!—and we here at Calcagni definitely see the appeal. Whether you set up your laundry room in a designated room, a closet or a nook, we’ve curated five top tips for creating a laundry room that marries function and charm. Laundry never looked so appealing!


Storage is key

Once you have your room, nook or closet picked out for your laundry room, it’s time to consider the one thing (aside from the washer and dryer) that will make it highly functional: storage. From open shelving to closed-door cabinets, having enough storage will help alleviate the stress that’s associated with a messy room. Consider your current laundry situation: Do you have bottles of detergent scattered across the top of your machines? Is there an omnipresent pile of wayward socks collecting dust? Do you have dryer balls that are always rolling just out of reach? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’ll understand the benefits of laundry room storage.

For some people, open shelving is a more affordable option that works well for them. They use coordinated baskets to help organize shelving and are more than happy to fold linens, towels or clothes and leave them on display. For others, having closed-door cabinets alleviates any sense of clutter; having items tucked out of site is the preferred method of storage. Whatever storage system you decide on, consider leaving room for hanging racks for air-drying delicate items or saving on dryer electricity. No room for hanging racks? No problem. Rolling racks like this one are a simple and smart solution that achieves the same end while keeping things nice and neat, while magnetic hanger holders offer the same idea without taking up valuable floor space.


Utility sinks can be laundry life-savers

You already have a water hook up for your washer, so if space isn’t a challenge, having a utility sink in the laundry room can be a life saver. From soaking clothes and repotting plants to rinsing paintbrushes, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much use your laundry room sink gets. It’s the feature you didn’t know you needed until you have it—and then you may wonder how you lived without it!


Utilize wall space

Your laundry room can also serve as “family central.” While shelving and hooks are always a good storage idea, some families find it useful to hang up a whiteboard or calendar to keep track of schedules, deadlines and can’t-miss-events. Also helpful? Making your laundry room a place to hang keys, hats or scarves.


Consider front load machines

Today’s front load washing machines and dryers are often favored because they save so much space. No longer relegated to sitting side by side like their top load counterparts, front load machines can be stacked vertically, leaving precious square inches for more storage and maneuverability around your laundry room. In fact, even if you do use front loading machines but keep them side by side, you can create a “folding station” countertop above the machines to make it easy and appealing to fold your clothes straight from the dryer—no more wrinkled laundry piled high in the laundry basket!

In addition to being space savers, front load washer and dryers can be more energy-efficient than top loaders. That means that in the long run, they may save you money on your utility bills—an attractive benefit for many homeowners. And finally, if you have a tendency to do large loads of laundry, front load machines tend to have more room because of the drum design.


Up the charm factor

If you’re creating a laundry room so you don’t have to be consigned to the dark corner of the basement to wash your clothes, you know the appeal of making your laundry room an extension of the rest of your home. Up the charm factor by decorating the laundry room the way you would a home office or guest bedroom! Don’t be afraid of accent wallpaper, artwork, a pretty curtain or valance or even a space to stream that Netflix episode on your laptop while you’re folding clothes. A welcoming designated laundry space can make doing the actual laundry feel less like a chore and more like…dare we say, relaxation.


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