How Can I Organize My Bathroom So Mornings Are Less Hectic?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Organize My Bathroom So Mornings Are Less Hectic?

If mornings in your house are anything like most of ours here at Calcagni Real Estate, they’re a hectic mix of never enough time, too many people trying to get ready at once, and “I can’t find my…”. While we can’t help you find your keys or homework and can’t add more hours to the day, we may be able to help you organize your bathroom for a more seamless “get ready” routine. Read on for some helpful hints on organizing your bathroom for a less hectic morning.

First, take stock of what you have

The first step to a less hectic morning begins with a bathroom setup that works for everyone to be able to get ready and out the door in a timely fashion. In order for things to go smoothly, it helps to take stock of what you have in the bathroom, and where you have it.

Begin by pulling out all of the products and accessories or tools you have stored in your bathroom. Take stock of what you have: Do you have doubles or triples of the same item in your bathroom? Consider keeping only one of every product in your bathroom to make finding items easier, and move extras to another storage area of your home, if that’s an option. Note which products are empty or empty enough that they’re not being used, and toss them or recycle them appropriately. Check the expiration dates or PAO (Period After Opening, which often has a symbol that looks like an open jar with 6M, 12M, etc. listed as the expiration date) and toss anything that has expired, especially makeup or skincare products that can cause irritation when the formulas have turned.

Once you’ve taken thorough stock of what you have, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Then, designate an area for each person

To help create a less hectic morning, designate a storage area for each person in your household to store their everyday items. A storage area doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, utilizing drawers, shelves, baskets, or over-the-door organization units can go a long way to making things easy to find. Baskets for separate skincare, makeup, and styling products can easily be pulled out of drawers to be used, then put away with ease. Designated shelves make it easier to manage products, hair brushes, and tools. Over-the-door organizers can turn a tight bathroom space into a well-organized room, holding everything from cotton balls and Q-tips to brushes or hair bands. When everyone in the house knows where their “stuff” is, they don’t have to spend time searching for it–or making a mess in the process.

Find products you love, and use them up completely

We’ve all done it: Bought several face creams, shampoos, or body lotions because we wanted to try something new. But avoiding “product creep” can help keep your bathroom free from clutter and make for a less hectic morning routine. To avoid excess products that may sit around past their prime, find products you love, then use them completely before recycling the containers (if applicable). Replace them once they’re very low, so you can swap out the empty products without having to store more items in your bathroom.

Consider counter space

Vying for a spot to dry your hair while someone else is brushing their teeth or applying makeup can be an exercise in frustration, especially if counter space is at a premium or your bathroom is a tight squeeze. Consider splitting mirror time in the morning by drying hair in a bedroom, or applying makeup with a small portable vanity mirror in other spots where the lighting is bright enough.

Don’t forget the under-the-sink storage

Under-the-sink storage is often an unsung hero of bathroom organization. While vanities differ in footprint size, they share similar heights, and that makes for the perfect spot for stackable storage solutions. Buying stackable shelving or baskets for under the sink can mean easy access to hair dryers, hair brushes, or styling tools. Keeping these items within arm’s length but out of sight and off precious counter space can mean a much less hectic morning for anyone who needs to get ready in the bathroom.

Last but not least…grab the label maker

Last but not least, hectic mornings can be a lot less so when everyone knows where to find things. Grab a label maker or reusable label tags, and start labeling storage baskets or shelves to help everyone in your home find what they’re looking for when they need them–and put things back where they belong. This is especially helpful for shelves above eye level, or for family members who tend to quarrel over who owns what in the mornings.

With a few adjustments to your bathroom now, your mornings may just become less hectic in the near future!


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