How Can I Make the Most of My Small Bathroom?



You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Make the Most of My Small Bathroom?

Half bath, powder room, water closet: Whatever you call your small bathroom, you may be wondering how to make it feel, well, bigger. While our tips below won’t actually expand the size of your small bathroom, they can make it look and feel bigger, thanks to creative storage, choice of decor and even where you mount your fixtures. Read on for our helpful small bathroom hints!


Try a floating vanity


Tight spaces often look bigger when there’s bare floor space, and a floating vanity creates much-needed storage while still freeing up your floor. Choose a vanity with doors or open shelves to store towels, washcloths, personal care products or even decorative items, and leave that extra floor space free of clutter as a result. Voila! Your bathroom will look bigger—and cleaner. What’s not to love?


Go with a glass panel


If you’re lucky enough to have a small bathroom with a tub, consider installing a glass panel in lieu of a shower curtain. This will give the appearance of having a more open and airy space, while keeping water where it belongs and still allowing you room to move in the shower. Plus, a glass panel can help your bathroom look instantly more modern, so your small space will not only look bigger, but updated, too!


Make it a big mirror


Small spaces call for a big mirror. Not only will this make the room feel bigger because of the reflection, but playing with proportions (large mirror, smaller sink) can give the feeling of being in a larger space, as well. Whether you choose a wall-to-wall mirror, a large rectangular style or a big round one, mirrors are an easy update that pack a big punch.


Faucet? Wall mount it.


Small bathrooms often have small sinks—and those small sinks can look messy just by having soap or lotion on the edges (that’s if your edges are wide enough to hold such items). Create a larger look with a wall-mounted faucet! This will allow you to choose a sink with a slimmer profile, and it will free up that precious real estate on the sink’s edges—and that means a cleaner looking bathroom. Win-win.


Go bold


It seems counterintuitive that small spaces would look and feel bigger with bold graphics or dark paint, but both of these design choices can create the illusion of depth and larger space.

Today’s graphic wallpaper—whether you choose removable wallpaper or the traditional kind—offers endless options for making a statement in small spaces. We love wallpaper in powder rooms for its ability to add instant impact without the fear of peeling that the steam from a bath or shower might create.

Not a fan of wallpaper, but still love a graphic look? Play around with big, bold tiles on the floor, on the walls…wherever your creativity takes you.

Lastly, if your idea of bold is a deep or bright paint color, go for it. Small spaces are meant for this! You don’t have to worry about breaking up a sight line as you would in a wide open space, and you’ll be creating the illusion of a room with more depth than it actually has. Just be sure to pay attention to the lighting, so you and your guests can still see themselves in the mirror while enjoying how chic your small bathroom is.


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