How Can I Make My Home Feel Cozier This Winter?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Make My Home Feel Cozier This Winter?

Longer nights, dropping temps…winter has arrived, and it can be a challenge to welcome it when our days feel so short, and we miss the summer sun on our skin. But when we prepare our homes ahead of time for the chillier months when we tend to hunker down inside, it can be a whole lot easier dealing with our cold New England weather. If you’re wondering how to make your Connecticut home feel cozier this winter—and actually to enjoy the season of slowing down—we’ve got a few easy tips that will have you warm, toasty, and cozy.

Layer on the textures

Soft, warm blankets and wool or faux fur pillows create a welcoming spot for curling up with a cup of tea, a good book, or for bingeing your favorite show. Layering on different textures on couches and chairs with blankets, pillows, or throws can also create an appealing aesthetic that brings your room together with minimal effort. Neutrals are an easy way to go, but if you love bright color, feel free to create splashes of color to make things pop. And don’t forget to keep things festive with some hot cocoa on hand!

Warm-up your lightbulbs

Creating a cozy oasis can be as easy as swapping out your lightbulbs. No need to live by candlelight—just changing out bright white lightbulbs for a warmer, more yellow cast can instantly cozy up a living space without having you squinting to see straight. Try this trick in your main living space and in bedrooms to create a welcoming, warm feel to your home. You may never go back!

Keep slippers by the door.

Nothing says “welcome home” like a basket of slippers by your entryway door. Slipping into a warm pair of slippers the moment you get home can help signal to your brain that you’ve entered an oasis—plus, slippers can help warm up toes that have gone numb from the cold! Want to be the host who ups the cozy ante for anyone who visits? Keep a few pairs of slippers in the basket for guests to grab. You’ll keep germs from outdoor shoes at bay and make your guests feel right at home the moment they come inside. Talk about a win-win.

Scatter smaller area rugs

Cold floors may be an annual occurrence in our Connecticut homes this time of year, but they don’t have to be a foregone conclusion. Hardwood and tile can hold onto chilly temps, but scattering a few small area rugs can go a long way in making your home warmer—and cozy looking, too. Fabric rugs with a bit of pile will keep the cold at bay better than a natural fiber rug, and they don’t have to be an expensive investment. Putting area rugs on the sides of the bed, by the kitchen sink—anywhere you tend to step and feel the chill of the floor—will help keep your feet warm and add instant coziness at an affordable cost.

Now that you’ve cozied up your Connecticut home for winter, you may not want to wish away the cold and darkness, after all!


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