How Can I Create a Kids’ Room My Child Won’t Outgrow?


You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Create a Kids’ Room My Child Won’t Outgrow?


From cribs and changing tables to posters and laptops, creating a children’s room to last though all stages of development—and all their likes and dislikes in between—may seem like an insurmountable task. You want to create an adorable nursery in your Connecticut home…but what happens to that room as they grow up? We’ve got some easy tips on creating a kids’ room your child won’t outgrow—read on for more!


Make the furniture multipurpose


One of the easiest ways to ensure your child’s room will stand the test of time is to utilize multipurpose furniture. Think: Less specialized nursery furniture, and more “grown up” storage solutions.

Instead of buying a designated changing table, for instance, consider investing in a dresser that will last for decades and put a changing pad on top. Securing a floating shelf to the wall can serve as a child’s desk and can be raised to shelf height with age. Ditto for adjustable height tables, which can be the perfect place for little hands to color or build blocks, and to write history papers on laptops later on.


Go beyond blue and pink


Sophisticated paint colors go a long way in creating a room your child won’t outgrow. While we’re often encouraged to assign blue or pink to a baby’s nursery, neutrals like grey, taupe and soft shades of green can provide a chic background for artwork, bedding and furniture and will stand the test of time.

Looking for something still sophisticated, but with a little more “pop”? Consider wallpaper. These days, removable wallpaper from companies like Chasing Paper and Spoonflower supply every taste, from subtle to whimsical. Whether you go all in or just use it for an accent wall, removable wallpaper is a great way to keep up with your child’s evolving tastes.

Lastly, framing abstract art, curated animal photography or even beautiful botanicals can lend warmth and visual interest to your child’s space that will still look appropriate as they get older. Bonus? They can also be repurposed in other rooms of the house as years go by.


Consider secondhand accents


Vintage furniture, like a mid-century modern sideboard, an antique chest of drawers or even gently used bookshelves can save you money while still providing much needed storage solutions—now, and in the years ahead.

Tag sales, antique markets like Connecticut’s own Elephant’s Trunk County Flea Market or websites like 1stDibs, Chairish and eBay are all great options for picking up vintage or secondhand furniture and decorative accents.


Showcase kids’ evolving artwork


One foolproof way to keep your kids’ room growing up with them? Use their rooms as a personal gallery! Showcasing children’s artwork and swapping it out as they grow up lends a personal touch—and helps their room become a true reflection of who they are at any stage of their lives.

As kids get older and want to have a say in their own decor, this artwork can then be repurposed in a gallery wall in the hallway or up the stairs, or throughout the house—an homage to their younger days that allows them room to decorate their room as they see fit.


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