3 Home Staging Tips…

It’s no secret that home staging can play a huge role in how much you get for you house. Sometimes it feels like you have to renovate the whole place to make it presentable, but it’s not true! I know I’ve had great success with these three simple tips.

1. Get Rid of Your Clutter

The best thing you can do for your home isn’t in buying fancy new things, it’s about getting rid of some. This includes your lovely furniture.

When professional stagers prepare a home, they often get rid of nearly half of the furniture! You don’t have to be so drastic, but taking a good look at what you could live without could get you the extra money from an offer so you can but a whole new set.

2. Punch up your place with pillows!

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to add color, update a look, and hide unattractive, stained or broken furniture!  Throw a few on a bed, or add them to a couch!

IMG_0797 Another way to add color or update a piece of furniture is to use a throw! Place over a couch or chair, or end of bed!

These easy changes to your existing furniture can make big changes for little money.


3. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

What makes the difference between a good home, and a great home? You’ve gotto be able to see it!

Lighting is a great cost-effective way to add drama and space to a room. Clean your windows to let natural light fill the area. Layer the lighting inside darker rooms. Experts say you should use at least 100 watts for every square foot of space. With a few extra bulbs you can light up the place!

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