Home builder helps home buyers

This article about Calcagni’s Doug Blackwood originally appeared in the New Haven Register on 30 December 2018.

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After working in many facets of construction at a variety of different levels, Doug Blackwood turned in his hammer for his real estate license. This knowledge translated well into a real estate career, with experience from which Blackwood’s clients can benefit greatly.

“My knowledge of construction has allowed me not to play inspector, but to point out obvious defects or less obvious positives to my clients before they make a decision to purchase,” Blackwood explains. “I know how a home is built, from the first shovel in the ground to the last brush stroke of paint on the walls. I have helped many clients avoid disaster when they wanted to ‘remove this wall!’”

It doesn’t take much time for Blackwood’s clients to get to know and be at ease with him. He can talk to anyone about almost any subject and is also fluent in Spanish. He takes every client to heart and says that the customer is always right, even if they need to be shown a different “path” to make them really right.

“I am not satisfied with myself if my client isn’t satisfied with their own decision,” he says.

For Blackwood, the greatest reward is handing keys over to a buyer client.

“No matter how crazy things may have become, it is the culmination of all that in a smile filled with wonder and excitement and being the one to hand them a set of keys to their future, makes every minute of the process worth it.”

Blackwood credits the agents, staff and management at Calcagni for being incredibly supportive in his business and in keeping him apprised of market trends and

changes in the industry. He is also very involved with the Legislative Committee and Young Professionals Network of the New Haven Middlesex Association of Realtors which helps Blackwood stay “ahead of the curve.”

Outside of real estate, Blackwood is very involved in Scouting and is the Scoutmaster for Troop 404 in East Haven and has also been involved in adult and youth training through the council and a participant as well as instructor.


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