As a local real estate company, we like to believe that we have developed a strong presence and a positive reputation within our core communities.  We also like to believe that the quality of our people grounds our brand and perpetuates the happy associations our neighbors have with the name Calcagni.  We’re picky when we add to our team, and we’re pleased with the results.

Joel Grossman fits into every conversation about the quality of the people at Calcagni.  A staple member of our team who has progressed from Agent to Office Manager to Director of several divisions (the most recent being New Construction), Joel understands and seamlessly represents our company, our beliefs, and the characteristics we value in our people.  If you wanted to call him our well-dressed, unofficial mascot, we wouldn’t object.

For all of these reasons, Joel is the most fitting candidate for a new position we formed at Calcagni:  New Business Development Director.  As with many firms, we seek to expand our team.  Our people are special and we know there are other Realtors and aspiring Realtors in our area who would find comfort in our culture and who would benefit from our support just as much as we would benefit from theirs.  In his new capacity, Joel will assist these talented professionals as they transition from other industries or firms to the Calcagni team.

We are thrilled by this change in our roster and excited for the new personalities it will bring to our four offices.  Joel has sported the Calcagni Maroon since 1992; we thank him for not only representing the company’s identity, but also helping to create it.


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