Creating Your Backyard Oasis

It’s summertime and backyard living’s dreamy. It used to be that our backyard’s primary functions were grilling, gardening and pools. But now it’s so much more. Full-blown outdoor kitchens, living rooms, lounges and more are all creating an outdoor oasis that’s getting as much renovation attention as rooms inside.

A recent survey performed by SABER Grills showed the overwhelming majority of current U.S. homeowners (81%) consider their outdoor space the heart of their home.

The new American home includes an inviting outdoor sanctuary to enjoy all of summer’s activities. “It doesn’t matter if your home is valued at $75,000 or $775,000, if you are an American homeowner, you are proud of your outdoor space and consider it an essential part of your home,” said Rob Schwing, GM of SABER Grills. “Homeowners use their backyards to relax and reconnect with family – just like the kitchen.”

Here are a few ways to update your backyard space:

  • Add a grilling station complete with grill, stove, counter top and stools for your guests to keep you company while you whip up your favorite summer staples.
  • Build an outdoor pizza oven and serve fresh, deliciously homemade pizza in your wood fired oven.
  • Create a lounge area with cozy benches, comfy throw pillows, and convenient tables for everyone to relax in and use.
  • Add a fire pit and toast up some s’mores, tell campfire stories and spend time with friends around the fire.
  • Build a backyard bar to enjoy your favorite cocktail and host your own outdoor happy hours.

How much time do you spend in your backyard with your family? Do you have any plans to update your backyard this summer?


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