A Family Affair: Getting Children Involved in the Home-selling Process

For sellers across the board, the process of preparing their home to stand out among the sea of competition is a challenging feat in and of itself. But when you add children to the mix, it can be next to impossible to keep the space clean and tidy.While last-minute showings are troublesome enough, when you have kids—and you need to leave the house quickly—it can put a lot of stress on the situation. As any parent knows, keeping children from cluttering up your home is nearly impossible, and having a child in the house will oftentimes hinder your ability to clean.

However, it’s important to remember that you can still sell your home when children are involved. One smart idea is to create a designated play room so that when it comes time to pick up before a showing, there’s only one room you really have to worry about. If you’re looking for a space to transform, go with a game room or even an extra bedroom, as these rooms won’t necessarily make or break a deal.

Now’s also a great time to teach your child the importance of putting away his or her toys when they’re done playing; not only will this keep your house cleaner, it will get your child on the right path when it comes to picking up after him or herself. There are plenty of great children’s videos and songs that deal with cleaning. It can even be a fun game-like activity you can do together.

Keeping a bag of snacks on hand for when you need to sweep the kids away from their toys or the TV is another great idea that will keep them from making a fuss. Any parent knows a good treat can go a long way in getting kids to behave.

For those with babies, try to keep all extra diapers, wipes and lotions hidden away in a dresser or drawer and make sure the diaper pail is emptied. If possible, take out dirty diapers immediately to reduce any odors building up.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to any toys your children have outside so that the yard isn’t littered with sports equipment, bikes and hula hoops. Create a space in your garage where everything can be stored in an orderly fashion.

In the end, the most important thing to remember about selling a house when kids are part of the equation is that you shouldn’t stress too much about making sure everything is perfect. It’s a good bet that those looking at your house will have kids of their own, so they’ll understand a toy here or there or a cluttered closet in the child’s room. Just do the best you can.

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