Are Backsplashes Only for the Kitchen?


You Ask, We Answer: Are Backsplashes Only for the Kitchen?


When it comes to backsplashes, most of us think of pretty tiles or marble slabs set behind the sink and stove. And while these have proved invaluable in keeping our walls from being ruined from water, sauce, and all manner of cooking stains, we love the idea of backsplashes in rooms outside the kitchen, too. Here are some of our favorite unexpected locations for backsplashes throughout your Connecticut home.


Upgrade the laundry room


If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated laundry room, a backsplash can make a stylish yet highly functional statement. Any room with water can do with a backsplash, and the laundry room is no exception.

If your laundry room has a utility sink, consider creating a tile backsplash that runs behind it; even better, extend it along the length of cabinetry or between cabinets on the floor and higher up on the wall. And of course, having a backsplash behind the washer and dryer helps create a cohesive look throughout the room while still protecting the walls from water, detergent, or bleach spills.


Create a bathroom focal point


Whether you choose one for your bathroom sink or around your tub (or both!), bathrooms are a natural place for backsplashes to shine. Creating a beautiful tile or marble backsplash can make a bathroom feel instantly spa-worthy—and their ability to protect your walls from humidity, splashes, and spills is a function we can all get behind.

Whether you choose subway tiles, octagonal tiles, marble slabs or mix and match the two, your bathroom is sure to look like it got an instant upgrade with a beautiful backsplash!


Stylize the bar area


Have a designated bar nook in your Connecticut home? Consider a backsplash in the bar area to make it stand out and look it even more polished. If your “bar” is a corner of the kitchen, for instance, using a marble-style backsplash or some fun vintage tiles can give it its own unique flair, all while protecting it from splashes of red wine, syrup, or fruit juice as you serve up your famous cocktails.

And don’t be afraid to get creative! Since the bar is where the fun happens, you can mix things up with patterned tiles, bright colors, and unexpected details (hello, copper subway tiles!).


Protect your mud room


Rain-soaked coats, snowy boots that melt inside, dripping umbrellas, dogs that shake their wet fur: Our mudrooms see their fair share of water, and we think they deserve a backsplash to help protect them (and make clean-up a breeze!).

While many of us don’t necessarily associate mudrooms with backsplashes, they can make a huge difference in the rough-and-tumble wear and tear that our New England weather throws at them. Consider putting tile between mudroom seating and wall hooks or shelving to protect the walls against dripping coats, snowy hats and anything else your family drags in from outside. Wiping a backsplash dry and clean will be a breeze—and will add an extra level of coziness to the entrance of your Connecticut home.


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