A Home for Everyone

A Home for Everyone!

Native bees are our greatest pollinators of trees and flowers. There are over 4000 different species of native bees in North America such as mason bees. These bee species are what helps to pollinate our food crops. Most of the species of bees live alone and are not threatening to humans or other animals. They do have stingers and are bees, but we tend to categorize all bees as dangerous.

In contrast to our typical response to bees, these docile insects are doing our community a great service. They are helping to put fruit on trees and produce vegetables. These happy bees also need a place to live and the spring is the time when you can find bees moving into their new homes. Instead of buzzing around, you can give them their own home in a bee house.

A bee house is small wooden structure that has stacked wooden hollowed out tubes that are framed together in a bird-house-like structure. These houses are bee nesting holes. Get more than one and you’ve created your own bee community. Besides hanging the bee house, there is very minimal work that you need to do for our little pollinators.

To learn more about Bee Houses at Farmer’s Almanac click here

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