Which Plants Should I Be Planting Now?

You Ask, We Answer: Which Plants Should I Be Planting Now?

March is in full swing here in Connecticut, and that means we here at Calcagni Real Estate are marveling at the light still in the sky at six o’clock, thrilling at the sight of daffodil shoots growing taller, and daydreaming about a bountiful garden to enjoy all summer. If you’re also looking ahead to gardening this summer but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Read on for some suggestions on which plants you should be planting now–and get ready to welcome all the beauty spring in Connecticut has to offer.

March is the ideal time to sow plants indoors

March in Connecticut is anything but predictable. One minute you don’t need your coat, the next the ground is frozen and covered in sleet. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options when it comes to readying your garden for summer! In fact, March is the ideal time to begin sowing certain plants indoors.

Remember filling empty egg cartons with soil and seeds when you were a little kid in school and watching them grow? Sowing plants in doors is the same thing. Growing seeds indoors increases their germination rate and gives them a healthy head start before you plant them outside–especially because Connecticut’s weather is so unpredictable!

To begin, use an empty cardboard egg carton (avoid plastic and styrofoam cartons). Fill it with seed-starting soil mix. Following the instructions on the backs of your seed packets, plant the seeds in the soil, then gently cover the egg carton with a clear plastic bag or plastic wrap to help trap in heat and humidity. Then, place the egg carton in a south-facing window or other indirect sunlight, as direct sun may be too harsh and kill your seedlings. Consult the seed packets for information on watering (we love a spray bottle here for gentle yet even moisture), being careful not to overwater.

According to Gerbert & Sons Landscaping & Irrigation of Stamford, you want to turn your focus in March to such vegetables as “broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, leek, lettuce, onion, peas, pepper, swiss chard, and tomato.” Beginning to germinate these seeds indoors now can yield you delicious veggies throughout the summer.

March is deciduous tree planting time

Now that you’ve begun germinating what will be your hardy vegetable garden come summer, you can turn your attention to planting deciduous trees and shrubs. Deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves for a portion of every year, then grow them back in the spring–and Gerbert & Sons recommends planting them now through the end of March to ensure they take hold.

Prune your roses this month

Lastly, March is a perfect time to prune your rose bushes. You want to make sure to do this before any new growth appears to ensure you’ll get as many flowers as possible.

And in case you’re still itching to be outside, a mild day in March is a perfect opportunity to get out and aerate your lawn to ensure your grass has what it needs to grow thick and healthy in the spring and summer.

With a little effort this month, your Connecticut garden may just have its best, most bountiful showing yet. Here’s to spring being just around the corner!


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