Which Landscaping Projects Will Add Value to My Home?

You Ask, We Answer: Which Landscaping Projects Will Add Value to My Home?

Thinking about taking on some landscaping projects this spring? Just a few days of mild weather can have all of us at Calcagni Real Estate daydreaming about a “to-do” list for our homes, too. If you’re wondering which projects will add value to your home, read on. We’ve picked some of our favorites, and we have a feeling you’ll love them, too.

Make your front walk look welcoming

If you’ve ever done a drive-by of a house for sale, you know how important first impressions can be. If the house looks well-kept on the outside, you’ve probably assumed it’s well taken care of on the inside.

A beautiful front walk instantly elevates the look of your home—making it not just enjoyable for potential buyers, but for you and your family, too! Consider staggering planters that complement each other as well as the style of your home, and add plantings that will stand up to Connecticut’s ever-evolving weather. Flowers are always a beautiful bet, but grasses in varying shades and lengths can look sophisticated and unexpected, as well.

Prefer your plantings in the ground instead of in pots? Plant your flowers or grasses on either side of the walkway, if possible, and be sure to take the seasons into account so you’ll be able to enjoy your walkway plantings for more than just the summer. Which brings us to our next tip…

Consider year-round plantings

Whether you’re thinking about listing your home for sale with Calcagni Real Estate or are planning on staying put for the foreseeable future, taking time to think through your yard plantings will pay off as the pages of the calendar flip.

Many of us think about daffodils coloring our spring mornings, or the bounty of color that blooms during Connecticut’s summer. But we may not consider when these plants and flowers need to be planted—or that we can actually enjoy plantings all year round (i.e., not just in the warmer months!).

Learning when to plant bulbs for spring (hint: some need to be planted while you’re busy picking pumpkins!) will help ensure they’ll show their beauty when the snow melts; understanding which shrubs will not only withstand autumn temps but add color and dimension to your lawn will help brighten up Connecticut’s grey fall days. And winter doesn’t mean you have to look out on a bleak landscape; instead, consider evergreens. Holly bushes retain their gorgeous green even in the most frigid weather, with the added bonus of brilliant red berries that just happen to look like a postcard when dusted with snow!

Invest in trees

As if trees aren’t perfect enough for the way they provide shade and shelter to animals and birds, help rid the air of carbon dioxide, and bear fruit that we love to eat, planting them may actually help your home sell for more money.

Be sure to do your research so you invest in trees that will best serve your needs in the long run. That tree may be beautiful when it blooms in the spring, but the berries it produces cause a mess that you dread sweeping up every year. You love the shape of that tree, but will it grow to provide you the shade you’re seeking in the back yard?

And of course, you’ll want to be practical about where you plant them; not too close to the septic system or power lines, and not too close to the house. Consulting your survey and speaking to a professional landscaper or arborist may help take the guesswork out of where to plant your trees so you can enjoy them year after year.

Let there be light

Landscape lighting can go a long way in helping to add value to your home! Think about the houses you drive by at night and how they’re illuminated. From pathways to architectural details, adding a little light can make a dramatic difference in how your home looks when the sun goes down.

Today, there are so many exciting options for landscape lighting. From solar-powered options to LED lights, you can spend as little or as much on lighting as your budget allows. And if you’re going to invest in some pretty plantings along your walkway, why not highlight them at night, all while keeping your walkway and home safer in the process?

Whichever landscaping projects you decide to undertake to add value to your home, don’t forget to enjoy them as you complete them. Simple upgrades can go a long way in helping you rediscover all the things you love about your house in the first place!


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