Where Can I Go to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

New Haven County has BRILLIANT places to ring in St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th!

If you are in the Wallingford area, stop by The Old Dublin on Quinnipiac Street. Paul, the owner, will greet you with the warmth & charm for which the Irish are famous. The food is authentic Irish fare, with some delicious vegetarian options for good measure. The beer is always delicious, the lines are always clean (for you stout connoisseurs, you know this is akin to the holy grail!), and they have Rogue Dead Guy on tap. Need I say more?


If you are in the Hamden area, check out The Playwright on 1232 Whitney Avenue. Its warm atmosphere hosts a bar on one side of the restaurant and a family-friendly dining room on the other. The food is yummy and decidedly Irish (their curry fries are reminiscent of those served in County Cork); the service is friendly & easy on the ears (that lilting brogue!), and if you are not a stout drinker, try the Boddington’s. You’ll thank me when it cascades to a lovely honey hue in your Imperial pint glass.


In New Haven, Anna Liffey’s, The Playwright, and The Lansdowne all offer festive Irish atmospheres. Anna Liffey’s has been doin’ their Irish thing very well for a long time…cozy, simple & good beer. VERY festive for St. Paddy’s Day! The Playwright, a sister to the Hamden location, is worth checking out simply for the décor. Decorated with authentic wood from church interiors in Ireland, the New Haven location maintains its cozy feel with warm hues and cozy booths upstairs, while still instilling the “wow” factor from high ceilings and carved wood. The Lansdowne, a newer establishment located next to The Wine Thief, is worth checking out for its festive atmosphere, young crowd & yummy appetizers.


There you have it…your local guide to ringing in St. Patrick’s Day with proper pomp & circumstance.


Written by Amy Flyntz-Morehouse, Director of ‘Positive Mojo’, Calcagni Associates


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