What Are Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid?

When listing your home for sale, it’s important to stage it to appeal to potential buyers. Your home will be seen by many eyes online, and a well-staged home can get Connecticut homebuyers off the couch and through your front door! But while you may be thinking of staging your home yourself, it’s important to avoid the common mistakes that many homeowners make. Here’s what not to do while staging your home for sale in Connecticut—and some tips on what to do, instead.

Winging it

We love a spontaneous adventure as much as anyone, but when it comes to staging your home to sell, being spontaneous is not a great plan. Talking to a professional stager or your Calcagni Real Estate agent are much better options. Not only do they understand what buyers look for in photos, but they can help you think outside the box. Because we have emotional attachments to our homes—and the contents within them—we may have “blind spots” that don’t translate well to online listing photos. By investing in a professional stager or asking your Calcagni agent for advice, you’ll benefit from their expertise on what works in the real estate market—and what doesn’t.

Not making simple improvements

Making simple improvements in your Connecticut home can help prospective buyers to feel confident that you’ve taken care of it while you’ve lived there. If, for instance, they see that the trim in the bedroom is painted only to the bed frame but not underneath the bed, chances are, they may assume that the larger, pricier items in the house have not been well taken care of. While it may seem time consuming, making small improvements throughout your home may go a long way in helping your house appeal to Connecticut homebuyers.

Making overly pricey improvements

On the flip side of the home improvement coin is the mistake that may waste hard-earned money: Homeowners who go over the top making pricey home improvements to stage their homes, only to discover they cannot recoup their investments.

Steer clear of any home improvements that have you tearing down walls, altering floor plans, or upgrading to pricey finishes. Yes, those must-have cabinet doors may be the things of your home decorating dreams, but prospective buyers may not share your taste (excellent as it is) and may not see the value in them. Instead, opt for simple home improvements throughout the home to keep costs down.

Not sure what to tackle? Ask your Calcagni listing agent for their advice. They know what resonates with today’s homebuyers!

Not taking professional photos

Think about the homes you’ve perused online. Which ones have grabbed your attention? No matter what your architectural or decorating styles, no matter what your budget, chances are, if a house photo appears in sharp focus, well lit, and the space looks clean and free of clutter, you’re more apt to think about scheduling a showing.

Your Calcagni Real Estate agent knows that professional photos or video tours can make a huge difference in the amount of interest your home generates. Professional photographers know which angles will best showcase your space, how to light a room well and evenly; they can even update your photos as the seasons change so they look current and appealing. Get ready to generate some clicks online.


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